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Fertility Awareness Method Helps You Track Healthy Progesterone Levels

There are so many reasons why I love FAM (especially for natural birth control and more accurate conception), but I also love that it gives us insight on hormone balance.

Menstruators everywhere are asking the same question– am I producing enough progesterone?!

Optimal progesterone levels are essential to reduce PMS symptoms, reduce anxiety, and they are also crucial for sustaining a healthy pregnancy (to name a few things!).

So how does tracking your cycle with FAM help you determine that you have sufficient levels?

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1. It determines ovulation. You cannot produce progesterone if you’re not ovulating. If your chart shows continual delayed, or anovulatory cycles, this is a big clue.

2. You are able to track your luteal phase length. A healthy luteal phase (the phase in which progesterone is produced) is between 10-18 days. If you’re having a short luteal phase, you most likely are not producing enough progesterone.

3. Tracking your BBT with FAM allows you to determine your post-ovulatory temps are high enough (and not hovering around your coverline). Progesterone is heat producing, so seeing temps above 98 degrees is a pretty good indicator that you’re producing a good amount of progesterone.

4. Tracking allows you to determine the best days for additional progesterone testing (I personally use @proovtest). Testing on days 7-10 AFTER ovulation, or a positive LH test, is when progesterone should be highest in the cycle.

Understanding your hormone balance is just one of the many perks of the fertility awareness method!

If you’re looking for support, check out my private hormone coaching here 🥰

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