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Opening Up About Anxiety | with Katie Dalebout

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I used to struggle with chronic anxiety, and a few years ago everything in my life began to snowball. I knew there was something going on with my body but I couldn’t pinpoint it. It was this point in my life where I became curious about my hormone health and, five years later, I’m now coaching women who experience those same struggles. That makes today’s discussion with Katie Dalebout about anxiety really special.

Katie is a writer, podcaster, and founder of Let It Out, a community built around sharing “soft stories.” Her book “Let It Out” is an interactive guide for journaling, which is a fantastic way of getting in touch with the body. Her podcast Spiraling is all about having candid conversations around anxiety. We get into what anxiety feels like in your body, how it affects your life, and some of the ways we can learn to be okay with our anxiety.

We Chat About:

  • Understanding anxiety and identifying it in yourself

  • Learning from our low points

  • Allowing ourselves to feel our feelings

  • The power of sharing your stories

  • Being self-aware

  • Sitting with yourself

  • Being okay with not knowing what’s going to happen


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