Healing Hormones Podcast

A Deep Dive into PCOS Symptoms & Non-Restrictive Strategies with Melissa Groves Azzaro

While many of our past guests have had PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) as a part of their story, we haven’t dedicated an entire episode to it, yet. PCOS is way more common than we think, and there are so many women out there struggling with this form of hormonal imbalance. Luckily, Melissa Groves Azzaro is the perfect expert to talk us through it. She’s a registered, licensed, and integrative dietitian who helps busy women with hormonal imbalances regain their periods and get pregnant naturally. We dig into PCOS and chat about how to get to the root of symptoms, as well as what practical things you can start doing today to feel better and get your fertility back on track.

We Chat About:

  • Taking a non-restrictive approach to PCOS
  • Melissa’s hormone balance journey
  • The common symptoms of PCOS
  • Nutritional tips for tackling PCOS
  • Finding non-toxic products to use
  • Strategies for gut health



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