Healing Hormones Podcast

An Honest Conversation About Life After Pregnancy with Kristen Jacob & Alexis Joseph

We’re going to get open and honest about what it’s like being a new mom, with two other mothers who are going through it right now.

Kristen Jacob, returning after recently on the podcast, is a pediatric sleep consultant, newborn care specialist, and lactation consultant in training.

Alexis Joseph is a dietitian, nutrition consultant, and the founder of Hummusapien, a multifaceted food, wellness, and lifestyle brand. She’s also the co-founder of Alchemy in Columbus, Ohio.

We’re talking all about new motherhood and everything that comes along with it – the ups, the downs, the happy, and the crazy – and we’re getting real, open, and honest about it all. Things like breastfeeding, mental health, comparison, returning to work, and sex after pregnancy that are not openly talked about. Wherever you are on your journey of motherhood, this episode will help you feel a lot less alone.

We Chat About:

  • The experience of being a new mom
  • Releasing expectations for yourself
  • Acknowledging the changes that have taken place in your life
  • Falling in love with your child at different stages
  • Respecting everyone’s personal birthing choices
  • Honest talk about breastfeeding
  • Realizing that what’s best for everyone is personal
  • Sex after pregnancy


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