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My Naturopathic Doctor Visit

If you read my first blog or if listen to the podcast, you know that I have been struggling with hormone imbalance for a couple of years now. These imbalances have manifested in variety of ways in my body, but most notably, in the form of anxiety and PMS related symptoms. NO. FUN. (If you’re interested in the beginning of my story, check out my “big body breakdown”.) Since the breakdown, as I like to call it, I have been working to heal my body naturally through diet and lifestyle changes.  

The transition to a more holistic life has COMPLETELY changed the way I view health and wellness. The mind-body-spirit connection is no joke, everyone! And although I have made so many improvements in my life throughout these past two years, I could still tell that my body wasn’t *quite* in alignment. It still felt like I was on a bit of a roller coaster. Some days I felt fantastic and on top of the world, and other days I was sluggish, mentally fogged, worrisome, and my PMS symptoms were totally bringing me down (mega cramps, mood fluctuations, and oh the acne!). I’ve always had an extremely sensitive body and I knew it was finally time to seek additional support.

So I began looking for a naturopathic doctor, but before I made my appointment, I decided it was best to get a few tests done. I had previously received my blood work from my family physician, and I also took a saliva hormone test (blog post on this coming SOON!). I found that the results explained a lot about the symptoms I was struggling with. The results showed that I was dealing with low progesterone, causing estrogen dominance symptoms, as well as high DHEA levels. It was clear that although I was making all of these wonderful food and lifestyle changes, my body still needed some extra support. I just didn’t know what that support was.

With all of the supplements, herbs, hormone creams, and vitamins out there – I needed expert advice. The problem was, every time I went to my family physician or my gynecologist, they gave me a very “band-aid” treatment plan. It was always a plus that I was living a healthy lifestyle, but they were continually suggesting that it was time for me to try birth control or anxiety meds to “treat” the symptoms I was facing. And I just knew that was not the solution for my life and my body. I wanted to get to the ROOT of what was happening and I wanted to heal myself from the inside out for GOOD.

I started searching for naturopathic doctors in my area, finally found someone I trusted, and i  booked my first appointment.

Well, I just got back from my first appointment today, and I am so geeked to share the details with all of you! I cannot tell you how refreshing it felt to finally feel like I was being heard for the first time since I began this holistic journey. In the 2 hours I shared with her, she had me explain my entire story, my symptoms, and exactly what was going on in my body. She asked me so many questions regarding my past medical history, my current lifestyle, my digestion, and my menstrual cycle.

I wasn’t just a ball of symptoms with drug titles attached to them – I was a unique person whose symptoms had a STORY to tell.

She looked at my hormone tests, blood tests, and the current supplements I was taking. She wrote down every detail about how I was feeling during each day of my cycle. The entire experience was so uplifting that the future health coach inside of me was jumping for joy. THIS is what it feels like to be heard and cared for. And THIS is what healthcare is all about.

I left my appointment with a personalized game plan and a few new supplements to support my body’s needs. Our goal is to bring my body back into balance naturally and to keep learning about it’s very unique and specific healing methods.

I love that I left the appointment with the knowing that my body is not broken and that it has all of the tools within itself to thrive again.

I am so incredibly thankful that I finally took the leap to reach out to a doctor who shares my values and who I could trust. I am excited to see how this journey plays out, and I will definitely keep you all posted as I work through my new plan!

Feel free to reach out if you want more details on my specific supplements, or if you live in the Columbus area, and want more information on my visit! I would love to share the deets 🙂

Until next time, loves!



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