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Acupuncture and why I LOVE it

I started going to acupuncture a couple of months ago, and guys, I am HOOKED! As you might have guessed by now, I am a huge fan of exploring the world of alternative medicine, and acupuncture seemed like the next great adventure.

I really believe that life leads us in the right direction when we practice tuning in and listening to the hints of guidance the Universe throws our way. That is exactly what happened when it came to me giving this awesome therapy a try.

Although I had always known acupuncture was a thing, it was never really on my radar. At least not until a few months ago when it seemed to be popping up around me everywhere. Podcasts, articles, conversations … it just seemed to keep resurfacing!

Maybe this was a sign that I needed to give it a try?

It was after enjoying an awesome kundalini class a few months ago that I finally decided to book an appointment. I was feeling all of the high vibes (if you have tried kundalini yoga before you know what I mean ;)), and I decided to stay after class and chat it up with the instructor. A few of us gathered around the studio, enjoying some homemade tea (yes, this is actually a tradition at the end of kundalini classes, how cool is that?!), and we got to talking about wellness. I nonchalantly mentioned that I was currently working on balancing my hormones, and I had heard that acupuncture was shown to have promising results.

Our instructor chimed in that she had been going to acupuncture every week for a while now, and absolutely loved it. She recommended Heidi Vanderpool, a licensed massage and acupuncture specialist in Columbus. A couple other yogis from class went to see her as well, and everyone had wonderful things to say. So naturally, I got Heidi’s information, and gave her a call that night. Who needs to wait?! I loved that she came highly recommended from someone I trusted, sees her patients out of her cozy and welcoming home, and seemed SO sweet.

I was ready to give this acupuncture thing a try!

I didn’t have much knowledge going in, and honestly, I had no idea what to expect. Do the needles hurt? How will my body react? What in the world is chi energy?! I really knew nothing. Good thing Heidi was so kind (like, her energy is just really calming), and she made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. I explained that I wanted to focus on alleviating my anxiety and working on hormone balance, and we dove right in!

Now, I am not going to pretend to know all the facts behind the acupuncture points and meridians, because I don’t! But I DO know how I feel during and after my sessions, and let me tell you, there is definitely some life energy flowing!

The idea behind acupuncture, from my understanding, is that it balances the flow of energy (chi) within the body using specific meridians.

Every time I go, I have a different experience. Sometimes, when the needles are inserted, I barely feel a thing! And other times it feels like my skin is almost “grabbing” onto them.  Once in a while, I even get a little “zap” of energy in a specific point. It doesn’t hurt; it’s just more of a shocking sensation that jerks my limb up in the air. Apparently, I have a lot of blocked energy in those points! 😉

The best way for me to describe how I feel after the needles are inserted is like I’ve just drank a nice and soothing glass of red wine. You know what I mean…when the vino just warms your body and makes you feel suppperrr relaxed?? Sometimes I feel a warm sensation around a specific acupuncture point and other times I feel a tingly sensation, or nothing at all. Overall, it feels like a HUGE cortisol flush and body detox.

Again, every time I go is different, but I think some of my coolest experiences with acupuncture so far have been going into a sort of “dream-like” state. Sometimes I see colors, or my body feels like it’s floating (or it feels heavy .. it just depends– haha!). I have even experienced some interesting visions.

My body just feels so incredibly relaxed, and I’m telling you, the blocked energy is DEFINITELY flowing!

When I get up from each session I usually feel sleepy, calm, and my mind is very still. Watch out world, nothing can bother me after my acupuncture high!! I’ve noticed that this sense of calm stays with me for a while, and I take it with me into my week. I have no doubt seen positive shifts with my anxiety since beginning. I like to imagine that the stuck energy in my body is finding its way out – and it feels great!

I totally recommend giving it a try if you have been curious about the wonderful health benefits of acupuncture. Remember, everyone’s experience is different. And if you’re in the Columbus area, check out Heidi! She is great. You can contact her at:  hello@pinnedcommunityacupuncture.com

What are your thoughts on acupuncture? Have you had a similar experience? Share in the comments below!



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