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A Season of Change and Release

One thing I have been working on in my life is accepting change. I always seem to like the *idea* of new and exciting things happening in my life, but when it actually comes down to it, I get really anxious when big changes are about to happen. These past few years have taught me so much as I continue to be mindful of these old thought patterns and habits in my life.

Lately, I have become incredibly interested in astrology, moon cycles, and the way our bodies are attuned to these universal changes. Not only are we beautifully connected to the astrological world, but our bodies respond and connect to the changes in season as well. Take a moment to think about the cyclical nature of our planet. Nature, animals, the sun/moon, the seasons… women’s bodies … everything flows naturally in a cycle. It makes sense that our emotions and our bodies are intricately connected to the changes happening in the universe around us. We go through seasons of life right alongside the earth and all that lives within it – how cool is that?

With each changing season comes a new lesson in our lives and a time to refocus and connect. With fall upon us, we will be embarking on a time of release, and of course, change.

Have you noticed any shifts in your life recently? Perhaps you have a big change coming up or you might have noticed that things that no longer serve you are falling to the sidelines (check out this amazing article to read more about how the astrological changes will be affecting us this month – I love it!) As you take time to reflect on what is happening in your life in this very moment, you might be surprised to find how connected you are to the season of change around you.

On a personal note, I have been focusing on new opportunities in both my career as a health coach and in my current living situation. As my husband continues to grow his podcasting business, we are looking for new and exciting opportunities to expand and make positive shifts in our lives. One of them being, FINALLY, moving to downtown Columbus to experience a young and fresh environment to inspire our life goals.

It’s an exciting time! Planning a health coaching business, growing Wine and Shine Podcast, and moving to the city. But as you all probably know, times of change usually go hand in hand with my not so favorite companion … fear.

As I continue to tune in to the season around me, I have realized that fall is the best time to work on acknowledging and releasing the fear that is holding me back. It’s time to face it head on and get to the root of why it’s coming up. I’ve been doing a lot of journaling, meditation, and quieting of the chatter in my head recently. When I calm the racing thoughts, it allows me to question what my fear is trying to teach me.

I’ve realize that ultimately, fear is just trying to keep my safe. Change is scary, and it is easy to get consumed in all of the “what ifs” and “I’m not good enough” scenarios. The negative self-talk that runs through my brain is just a reminder that I have some false beliefs that need a little attention and healing. This quote by Shaman Durek on a recent episode of “That’s So Retrograde” podcast really resonated with me:

If you’re not waking up and telling yourself the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful, breathtaking things about yourself every single day… then you’re lying to yourself about who you truly are.

What an incredible reminder that my fear-based thoughts and beliefs around change have nothing to do with the true essence of who I am. That I have the power to release and rewire these thought patterns as I embark on greater things to come! It’s time to focus on embracing change and honoring that my fear is here to guide me… not define me. Deep down I truly believe we all long for new experiences. To create, connect, and open our minds as we continue to grow into our most authentic and breathtaking selves. 

Change can be scary, and sometimes it means leaving our cozy routines and old ways of life behind. As I’m sure you have heard before, the only constant in life is change. It’s what keeps us alive and ever expanding! When life throws us a new adventure (good or bad), it’s our job to take on the mission and show the world what we are made of.

So I challenge you, as the weather begins to chill and the the leaves begin to fall, take some time to slow down and reflect on what needs released in your life. I challenge you to embrace the changes that will inevitably come your way and let them inspire you to grow and learn. Let’s take a lesson from nature during this season. It’s time to release the old, slow down and cozy up, and prepare for new and greater things to come 🙂 

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