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Maximize Your Morning Routine With These Tips

Morning routines are incredibly important when optimizing your gut health. How you start your morning directly affects how you are going to feel for the rest of the day! Along with making sure you get in a solid breakfast, there are a lot of little lifestyle modifications you can make to detox your body and boost your energy.  

I like to remind my clients that they don’t have to go from 0-100 right away. In fact, I encourage taking baby steps! That’s how we make sustainable habits that last. If you try too many things at once, you’re likely to get overwhelmed and quit in a shorter period of time. Do yourself a favor and pick 1-2 things and see how they go.

It isn’t a lack of willpower, but the science of habit change! That’s what I love so much about coaching and working with coaches myself … they really help you build and sustain habits that LAST.  


Here are few tips you can play around with — see what works for you!

Tip 1:

Drink a glass of room temperature water FIRST thing upon rising. It helps the body eliminate any lingering toxins. A cup of hot water with lemon works great, too!

Tip 2:

Try a tongue scraper. The foods we eat, and the varying strength of our digestion, can build up toxins in the body. A tongue scraper helps to eliminate those toxins living on your tongue which can build up and cause issues. 

Tip 3:

Try to fit in even 2-3 minutes of quiet breathing before you run out the door. Starting your day in a parasympathetic state will help your body digest your food throughout the day. In addition, it will help you better absorb all of the wonderful nutrients you’re consuming from your diet!

Tip 4:

Start with a quality breakfast BEFORE caffeine. The food you put into your belly first thing in the morning sets you up for a healthy gut and optimal energy! I have an energized morning template on my website if you’re interested in some ideas. Just subscribe on my homepage!  

interested in more tips?

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