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Why I Created the 4-Month Coaching Program

It took me a long time to feel connected and comfortable in my body. I used to be afraid of how it was going to feel A LOT. And to be honest, my body felt pretty terrible for a few years.

I was always afraid of how anxious or nervous I was going to feel. I would worry about being able to make it through the work day without feeling completely exhausted. And I dreaded waking up with yet ANOTHER upset stomach. Most of all, I was constantly stressing about the “best” food to put in my body. 

I was always on the defense! And my negative self-talk was making the situation even worse.

 Can you relate?

I became so tired of feeling like a victim in my own body, that eventually, I knew I had to make a change. I knew there were two options:

1. Continue complaining and fearing my body
2. Start to reframe my mind-set and make a change 

I soon realized that instead of FEARING my body, maybe, I could get CURIOUS about it instead.

What would happen if I started asking myself questions instead of just blaming myself? Changing my perspective was the first step I needed in order to move forward. I learned how to heal my symptoms through listening and honoring my body instead of fearing it! And slowly, things began to fall into place. 

Learning to make this shift was a big part of why I created the 4-month program. Together, we work through the thoughts and core beliefs that are holding you back. When you combine this work with the breakdown of the nutritional and environmental stressors in your life… you have the perfect combo.

Change doesn’t happen quickly. It is through tiny, manageable steps, that you will begin to see real results. That’s where the 3-months come into play! It takes time to unpack our habits and to build new ones. It may seem appealing to search for a “quick-fix,” (whether that be weight-loss, anxiety, or hormone balance…) but these sorts of interventions are never sustainable. They never get to the root of what is happening and why.

When you participate in one-on-one coaching you are learning how to tune-in to your body without judgement. You learn how to incorporate new and sustainable habits that will help you reach your goals while also ditching the restriction mindset. Most importantly, you will make changes that LAST.

What to learn more? Click below for the program details 🙂

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