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My Guide to Austin

Everyone told me that I was going to love Austin and they weren’t lying! This is SUCH a cool city. Totally relaxed vibes, not too crowded, and an amazing food and beverage scene. I also found it to be so spacious (maybe that’s because I just came from NYC? haha) and full of beautiful views and nature.

If you’re looking for a city with a million bars/restaurants with outdoor seating, patio lights, and hipster vibes…look no more. Austin is your place.  

We stayed at THIS incredible Airbnb right in the city. I highly recommend this space if you’re looking for a clean, super modern, and walkable location. AJ and Meaghan are extremely kind and helpful hosts — two entrepreneurs who are fun to talk to and share ideas with.

All the spots we visited are linked… so click away and enjoy your trip! Let me know if you have any questions 🙂



Brunch & Coffee


Ok, PaperBoy is a MUST! It was about a 10-minute walk from our Airbnb on E. 11th. The entire street is lined with really cool food trucks and open patio seating. I would highly recommend going back later in the day to check out the night scene, too! I enjoyed the delicious sweet potato and brisket hash with peppers/onions, and a pepper almond sauce. OMGEE.




This is a great place to plug in your computer and get some work done or just grab a cup of coffee and some yummy brunch.  I enjoyed a green tea and a gluten-free avocado toast with egg. There are two patio seating areas and a ton of comfy spots to sit in doors. My favorite part was how relaxed the atmosphere was and there was so much GREEN around. I felt like I was in a little outdoor jungle!




Cool bar & restaurant right on 6th street where all the action is! I got the Bison Burger over greens with broccolini… super good! A great spot to grab a meal and you’re enjoying exploring the bars and music scene on 6th street.

June’s All Day

A MUST. A bit pricey, but worth it. The restaurant has a french theme with checkered floors, lit candles, and succulents. Really nice atmosphere and a cute outdoor patio area. June’s would be perfect for a nice dinner on the patio with your partner or friends 🙂 I enjoyed the salmon salad with greens, potatoes, and olives – loved it.


Native Hostel

SUPER cool place. If you’re looking for a cheap way to stay (I believe it’s $40 a night) think about a hostel! We checked out the space for brunch and were really impressed with how nice and modern it was. We will definitely consider staying here the next time we visit. Plus, their food was super tasty. This salmon bowl over rice (or quinoa) with mushrooms, kale, and a poached egg was perfection.


Torchys Tacos

My husband said that Torchys Tacos are THE best tacos in the city of Austin… per the locals recommendations. So this is a must. I got the vegan portobello mushroom tacos (turned into a bowl). Super yummy!

Nightlife & Bars

Easy Tiger Beer Garden

Ahh, Easy Tiger! I loved all the trees, patio lights, and of course the river. A perfect spot to grab a brew and relax while you’re walking down the dirty 6th. Give me some patio lights, green, and a river and I’m a happy girl (oh, and a glass of wine ;)).



Elephant RooM

We heard of this secluded bar from our waiter at Eureka. They always host live jazz musicians which Cody and I are all about. Cool spot to check out if you’re looking to listen and drink to some chill live music.

Friends Bar & Pour Choices Bar

Two bars where Cody and I jammed out to some amazing local musicians. The funk and blues scene in Austin is incredible. If you have a chance to catch @freekfyre play a show…. you DON’T want to miss it. They were amazing!

Things to Do & Places to See

Charm School Vintage

While you’re enjoying all the food trucks on E. 11th (and after you have brunch at PaperBoy) head on over to Charm School Vintage. I stumbled upon this shop on our walk. Talk about CRYSTALS. This vintage and crystal shop is a dream. Incense was in the air, there were tables of gems everywhere, and sage and succulents decorated the tables! Oh, and if you’re into vintage clothing… you’ll just die.



Congress Ave Bridge

After you’ve enjoyed your time on 6th St, hop on a scooter and ride to the Congress Ave Bridge. Beautiful views of the river and city! You can also watch the hundreds of bats emerge from under the bridge at sun down! (free)

Texas State Capitol Building

Tour the huge capitol building. It is definitely a really cool, historic building, and a sight to see! (free unless you schedule a tour)




Mount BonnelL

This is the highest point in Austin! I great little “hike” to see gorgeous views of the river and some epic houses. (free)



PennyBacker Bridge

A great little hike to the most wonderful view of the bridge, river, and city in the background. This was hands down one of my FAVORITE parts of the trip. I hear making the hike at sunset is a must. (free)


Auditorium Shores

Take a walk or bike ride around auditorium shores park. It’s so incredible peaceful. A great place to bring your yoga mat and flow, too! Perfect views of the river, nature, and enjoy all the local doggies playing 😉 (free)

Congress Ave Kayak’s

Rent a kayak or paddle board and float down the Colorado River. Take in the city views as you relax on the water! ($12 for a double person kayak + $5 an hour)




The dirty 6th St &  E. 11th

Both of these locations have TONS of places to eat, drink, and shop. Find a cool spot and then walk around!! PaperBoy (recommended for brunch) is on E. 11th. Use that food truck as a reference for location and check out all the other amazing food trucks in the area.

Overall, Austin was an incredible city with tons of things to do, eat, and enjoy. I highly recommend making a trip!

Where should Cody and I plan our next visit? We are thinking Portland, Oregon 😉

Hope you found this guide helpful, loves!




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