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The Period Blues…What GIVES?

Here you are again…period time. Just like clockwork, you feel your mood spiraling downward and that familiar urge to cry at literally nothing at all sets in.


Our bodies go through some intense hormonal changes throughout the month. Estrogen and progesterone fluctuations right before our period can cause our “happy hormones” (serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and epinephrine) to take a serious DIP.

If you already struggle with anxiety, the week before, and the week of, your period can really impact your mood and your ability to keep up.

The good news is, you don’t have to fall victim to fluctuating hormones month after month.

So, how do we nourish and support our hormones so that they start working FOR us, not against us? These 3 steps may help …




  1. Stress Reduction

Estrogen levels plummet the week before your period, contributing to a lot of the common PMS symptoms you may be feeling. One of the best things you can do to balance this fluctuation is to manage your stress levels BEFORE your period hits.

I want you to think of your body like a cup of coffee (the cup being your body and the coffee being your stress levels haha). If you keep filling your cup with more and more stress…eventually… your cup will completely run over. And that is a serious mess to clean up.

If you are mindful about reducing your stress levels before period time rolls around, you will be less likely to “overflow” once it does. It’s all about lowering your levels in preparation so your body has the extra room to keep up.

But, how do you do that?

Between work and family responsibilities this can be tough. Instead of focusing on removing stress from your life completely (which isn’t possible…) try these balancing and stress-reduction techniques instead:

Stress Reduction Techniques:

  • alternate nostril breathing – balances the brain and brings a sense of peace and calm to the body.

  • dry brushing – detoxes the body by supporting the lymphatic system. Relaxes the nervous system.

  • enjoying a cup of reishi – mushroom elixir that promotes relaxation.

  • reiki and acupuncture – energy work that helps balance the your chakras (reiki), meridians (acupuncture) and your nervous system

  • yoga & meditation – brings you back into your body, promotes relaxation, and connects you to your intuitive voice.

  • magnesium baths – detoxes the body, increases levels of magnesium, balances mood, and promotes relaxation

  • journaling – helps you release negative thoughts and energy from the body. Brings your awareness into the NOW and releases stress.

2. Period Supporting Supplements

I’m not a doctor, but I have definitely recognized the positive impact supplementation has played in supporting my hormones.

I highly encourage you to do your research and consider adding in some of these helpful supplements if you’re struggling with PMS symptoms. You can also get your blood tested to see if you have any deficiencies which can be super helpful.

  • B Vitamins: When we are stressed, our body burns through B Vitamins like CRAZY. Making it even more important for you to replenish them (especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian). Vitamin B helps with energy, stress reduction, and mood balance.

  • Vitamin D-3: Many of us are deficient in Vitamin D, especially if you live in an area where sun exposure is limited. It is a good idea to get your levels checked and consider supplementation. Vitamin D helps stabilize your mood, energy, and supports a host of other health benefits.  

  • Magnesium: Due to the condition of our soil, the majority of us do not get enough magnesium in our diets. Magnesium helps calm the body, relax muscles, and eases anxiety (to name a few).

  • Omega-3: It is easy to become imbalanced in our omega-3 and omega-6 oils. Especially if you’re a meat eater or consume a lot of inflammatory oils. Omega-3 helps to fight inflammation, reduce anxiety and depression, and supports heart health (amongst MANY other things!)

  • Probiotics: One of the biggest changes I have seen in my hormonal and mental health have come from taking probiotics. Our gut plays a HUGE role in detoxing our body for excess hormones and communicates vital information to our brain.

As always, I am a huge supporter of food over supplements, but sometimes the help is needed! Always try to receive these nutrients through diet, but remember that supplementation can really help, too.

3. Practice Acceptance

Yep, I’m going to go there. It is really hard not to fight the emotions and physical symptoms you feel during period time….I get it. But when you resist what IS, your brain will naturally intensify your experience. (Cool brain. Thanks.)

It’s time we start embracing the fact that our bodies are absolutely incredible forces to be reckoned with!

The fact that we have a system in our body that allows us to feel so deeply, connect so strongly to our intuition, and birth a freakin’ human is mind blowing. And our period has the ability to sync to the moon cycles? I mean c’mon…

Women are magical. Seriously.

To help you practice acceptance, take out your journal and ask yourself these questions:

  • How can you choose to honor how incredible your body is instead of fighting it?

  • Where can you prioritize stress reduction in your life?

  • What is something positive about your body?

  • What does your period offer you?

  • How can you see your symptoms as a sign for change?

  • How is being more sensitive and emotional actually a gift?

Acceptance takes work. And that’s OK. Remember, just because you are accepting your current situation, doesn’t mean you are giving up. It means you’re saying, “ok body… I hear you and I honor you! Now, let’s make some changes.”

Balancing your hormones doesn’t happen overnight. But, by tuning into your body’s cues throughout the month, getting in the proper nutrients, and balancing your stress levels… change will happen.

So, instead of fighting your period… let’s take proactive steps to begin the healing process. Sound good?

I am here to support you every step of the way….

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