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Is Your Workout Routine STRESSING You Out?

Did you know that over-exercising when your body is already stressed can have a negative impact on your system?

I know that there is a lot of talk out there about “commitment and pushing through”… but sometimes it’s just as important to let yourself rest.

Back when my body was living in stress overload, I would notice that my anxiety would actually SPIKE after I went on a run.


Because my body was already filled to the brink with cortisol and adrenaline and running heightened that state even further! In addition to that, when your body is in such a high state of stress, it actually wants to retain weight in order to keep you safe. Not always the best combo, huh?

Now, before I choose a workout, I take a moment to think about what my body REALLY needs. Is it a walk, some calming yoga, or do I really want some high-intensity cardio?

Sure, I still have moments when I feel guilty about not getting in a “hard enough” workout, but then I remember that I’m actually showing my body love by listening to it and honoring what it needs.




It’s not about being “lazy,” but thinking about what’s going to support me MENTALLY and physically – and that’s the key difference.

It’s a lot like the concept of dieting –  when we push ourselves to behave in ways that feel unnatural or are extremely straining on the body (restriction with dieting and overexertion with exercise…) our body fights back. It’s WAY too smart for that! 

These are the times when you might feel as though you’ve “fallen off the bandwagon” or like you just don’t have enough “discipline.

When in reality, your body is saying: I’m stressed out!

Your body is sending you some strong mental and physical  signals that it’s time to rest. 

It can feel uncomfortable at first to trust your body to decide, but I’ve found that choosing movement in this way has really helped me stay consistent in the long-term.

I’m curious – what has helped you stay consistent with your movement routine? And how do you honor your body when you’re feeling stressed?

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