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What Reiki Energy Healing Has Taught Me

Everything is energy. Intuitively, I always knew that.

But, it wasn’t until I received my Reiki I certification this past weekend that it actually SUNK IN.

Here’s the thing — there is an energetic flow that exists through, and with-in, all living things. Especially us humans!

And when there is imbalance in our lives (emotionally or physically) this energy can get kinda… stuck.

That’s why you might be feeling anxious/sad, or even perhaps, dealing with physical pain. Overtime, when we don’t release these built up emotions, our body starts to react.

Without a way to release and let go – the body manifests symptoms as a way to get our attention.

Energy is meant to MOVE!




My favorite way to explain how emotional energy effects the body is this…

Imagine what it feels like when you’re super upset or hurt — where do you feel this sadness in your body?

Maybe it’s a tightness in your chest or a void in your belly.

Have you ever noticed how different emotions seem to live in specific areas of the body?

Or, imagine that you feel as though you can’t express yourself. You have a really important truth to share, but you just CAN’T seem to voice it.

Do you notice your throat closing in? Maybe you feel a nervous sensation rise from the pit of your stomach into a lump in your throat.

These very clear physical sensations? That’s all emotional energy, babes!

But, what happens when we don’t actually release all that pent up energy? What if you have been holding on to fears and false truths for YEARS?

I’m even talking as far back as childhood … these feelings can build up for a while.

Well, the body needs to do SOMETHING with them. And eventually, that’s why we feel such strong (and some times debilitating!) emotions and physical sensations.

My Reiki training this weekend taught me how important it is to take time to honor and release stuck energies.

When I was learning and healing this weekend, A LOT of old fears came up.

Fears that I thought I had healed around my self-confidence and self-acceptance. Pieces and parts of me that I thought I healed A LONG time go came flooding out (literally as tears… haha) when I was receiving reiki energy.

Holy. Crap.

I didn’t even know that these deeply rooted emotions were still living in my body, but when they were released … I felt such relief.

My body softened, my spirit felt brighter, and I felt more connected to my purpose.

*NOTE* — I also want to mention that when old fears and beliefs get brought back to our attention, it can kinda suck.

It means we have to deal with them. Process them. Forgive them.

It’s not always the most “fun” work, (it’s WAY easier to burry uncomfortable emotions and tuck them away, right?!) … but it sure is an incredible feeling to know you that you’re releasing and healing. That you’re growing.

That you’re becoming a more true version of YOU.

you are literally doing the work to come back home to yourself.

And how refreshing is that?

It also made me respect all of the OTHER forms of energy healing and work, too. This can look many different ways, which is what I find most beautiful.

Acupuncture (another one of my favorite healing modalities), yoga, dance, prayer, or meditation … we ALL have the power within us to tune-in and find the tools that help us most release and and find balance.

Overall, this weekend opened my eyes to SO much and I can’t wait to continue my Reiki exploration. I am excited to bring this work to my coaching practice soon, too.

Reiki II is in my future, no doubt <3

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