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Are Pent up Emotions at the Root of Your Period Troubles?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of our emotions and our physical bodies lately.

Maybe it’s the fact that my coaching practice has been making some shifts that focus highly on how our core beliefs and energetic body affect our overall hormonal health.

As I continue to study women’s health, and as I dive deeper into this work with my clients, I’ve gained a lot of clarity around the importance of addressing our emotional needs and beliefs when healing the body.

Although nutrition is a crucial factor in getting our bodies back in balance — it is not the only factor. In fact, it’s just a small piece of the puzzle.

To me, nutrition is the gateway, or stepping stone, for the REAL work that needs to be done.

I like to relate my hormone coaching program to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The order of importance looks something like this…

We must first meet our body’s nutritional needs >> This allows us the physical energy to focus on our mental health >> When we prioritize our mental health we create healing in our emotional and energetic body >> This release of emotional energy allows us to find true healing, purpose and meaning in our lives.

But, so many women get stuck on the first platform. Only addressing their nutritional health needs.

We are so conditioned to believe that we need something external, (medicine or food as medicine), to “heal” our bodies. So much so, that we are constantly looking for the next pill or nutritional fix, to make all our health issues disappear.

BUT — what if the issue wasn’t solely the food? What if the issue wasn’t just finding the “right” medication?

What if your stuck emotions and deeply rooted beliefs were actually at the core behind your hormonal symptoms?

We don’t like to believe in things we can’t see, and we surely can’t see our emotions….but man do we FEEL them.

Positive or negative, I’m sure you have felt emotional sensations throughout body.

Perhaps it’s a tightness in your chest, a lump in your throat, or those goosebumps that flood your entire body in moments of beauty. Regardless of the sensation, these emotions are making a strong impact on your physical health.

And all those negative emotions we experience? Well, we often ignore and suppress them (a lot of times subconsciously!).

This suppression causes them build up and get stuck — creating imbalances in our energetic field.

In my Reiki I training, we dove into the 7 charkas, and how these chakras can become energetically imbalanced.

But how does emotional blockages relate to your hormonal health?

Well, our sacral chakra (the second charka located a few inches below the belly button) is the center of all emotions, creativity, sexuality, and expression. When this chakra is out of balance, you might experience symptoms such as reproductive issues, ovarian cysts, painful periods, back pain, hip tightness, and inability to express your sensuality.

Heeelloooo Nina’s hormone symptoms 😉

This is an area of wellness we surely need to be addressing when we are talking about women’s hormonal health!

I want you to think about this for a moment…

Have you ever talked to a woman who hasn’t felt emotionally suppressed, or like her body needs “fixing?”

Society is literally screaming at us every chance it gets that we aren’t good enough just as we are.

Telling us that we aren’t or “skinny” enough, that our skin isn’t clear enough, or that our hair isn’t vibrant enough. Society makes us believe that our wrinkles need botox, our stretch marks need attention, and that we even need special lavender vagina wipes for goodness sake because we aren’t even “CLEAN” enough.

I mean, shit! Leave us freaking alone.

Women have honestly been brainwashed to believe that our periods dirty, private, and should be complained about each month. Not to mention the previously discussed, and unattainable, beauty standards we are always striving to meet.

No wonder we have so many suppressed and pent up emotions. This has been going on for generations.

Our sacral chakras and reproductive systems need some serious love.

Even aside from societal pressures, I want you to think about all of the OTHER pressures you place upon yourself on the daily.

Many of us have been holding on to old belief systems and perfectionist tendencies since we were little girls! These past experiences and beliefs develop and grow with us, coloring the way in which we see the world. For good or bad.

And this is exactly why I’ve found that tapping into the emotional and energetic side of wellness to be so crucial. If we truly want to see transformations in our hormonal health and wellbeing, we must address the trifecta.

Body. Mind. Spirit.

This has been transforming my 4-month coaching program, and I am so passionate about continuing my growth in this area (Reiki II here I COME!), and bringing all the knowledge to you and my programs.

If you have been looking for a 1:1 hormonal support that tackles all the areas of body, mind, and spirit — let’s chat.

Or better yet, let’s pull a tarot card about it 😉

I’m here for you, babes! And it would be my honor to coach you back “home” to you.


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