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5 PMS Busting Tips

Did you know that PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) is common, but not “normal?”

Just because a high percentage of women are struggling with PMS symptoms every month, doesn’t mean that we are all destined to struggle forever.

In fact, PMS simply means that there is an imbalance in your hormones that needs some attention!

PMS typically occurs the 5-7 days before your period starts and some of the symptoms can be absolutely DRAINING.

Common symptoms include…

  • suppressed mood

  • elevated anxiety

  • mood swings

  • cramps

  • bloating

  • acne

  • food cravings (especially coffee and sugar)

  • fatigue

Personally, it wasn’t until my mental PMS symptoms got SO bad that I realized I needed to make some changes. I was beginning to feel SO MUCH anxiety and low mood before my period that was it was beginning to affect my life.

As I continued to run my body down, and my hormones became further imbalanced, my anxiety became more chronic than just the week before my period. It was not a great time.

I am so thankful that my work as a hormone coach (and focusing on a nutrient-dense and anti-inflammatory diet) has DRAMATICALLY decreased the anxiety and panic I used to feel.

But, I would be lying if I told you I didn’t deal with other bothering PMS symptoms. Bloating, cramps, and fatigue are the worst!

PMS Busting Tips.png

Luckily, I’ve learned some PMS hacking tricks along the way.


1. Take a quality omega-3 supplement (especially if you don’t eat seafood) to help reduce inflammation. This can help ease menstrual cramps, bloating, support mood … it’s powerful!

2. Consider drinking some digestive supporting tea the week before your period. Anything with ginger, apple cider vinegar, cramp bark, fennel or turmeric are fantastic options. It will help reduce bloating.

3. Don’t shy away from complex carbs around your period! They will help support your serotonin and dopamine levels in order to elevate your mood.

4. SLEEP. I cannot overstate this one. Your body does the majority of it’s detoxing during sleep, and having an overload of toxins and estrogen, is only going to worsen PMS symptoms. We also know that a lack of sleep can drastically affect mood stability. So, make it a must on your list to prioritize 7-8 hours a night. For new mamas – this can be hard. I get it. Finding your support system is going to be crucial.

5. Get in leafy greens and/or cruciferous veggies in almost every meal. These contain powerhouse nutrients, fibers, and antioxidants that support your natural detox pathways. Why is this important? Because the more you support your body in eliminating toxins and estrogen, the less PMS symptoms you are going to experience!

I hope these tips help, loves . How have you reduced your PMS over the years?

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