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What’s Helping me Feel GOOD…

How have you been feeling?

I know that’s a LOADED question right now, but I’m genuinely curious.

Even though I work from home, I’ve missed seeing my clients in-person, and my daily coffee shop visits.

I am an extrovert, so even the simplicity of sitting next to a stranger and getting work down in a busy coffee shop, brings me a lot of joy.

I’ve had to get comfortable with the slow pace of the world right now. Many of my usual social distractions are non-existent.

And for someone that has historically struggled with anxiety during times of change and lack of routine … well … I’m learning to lean on my inner strength a lot more.

Honestly, it has been a beautiful time of self-discovery for me.

I’ve found that I am really connecting with my intuition (more tarot, reiki, meditation, journaling, reading…) and it’s felt really refreshing.

This quote pretty much says it all for me:


Sometimes the world forces ALL of us to slow down and it makes us reflect.

For me, it has me questioning where I have been distracting myself (with too many social obligations, errands to run, “things to do”) in order to avoid just being PRESENT within my body.

So, I wanted to take a moment to share the little things that have been making me feel good during this wild time:

  • Spending extra time with my husband and pup. I love that we are both working from home together, even if were not working on the same things πŸ™‚

  • No make-up

  • Sex in the City marathons

  • Getting creative with making meals from home

  • The simplicity of brewing my own tea (instead of buying…) It’s the little things!

  • Taking long walks with the pup and exploring new areas of my city.

  • The ability to chat + “hang” with my private clients over zoom

  • Virtual tarot + reiki sessions! It’s been a beautiful way to connect with people.

  • Podcasts!! I’ve had extra time to listen to my favorite shows.

  • Discovering a new relationship with my body/exercise. I am a huge fan of group classes, they motivate me, and break up my work day. Learning to do what feels good in my body (an at home workout, walk, or nothing at all?) And being ok with that.

Finally, this quote perfectly sums up my feelings…


If you’re looking for someone to hold space for you, or just a friendly face to chat with over Zoom, I’m here for you πŸ™‚

But, maybe you’ll find some peace in the little things I mentioned above, too?



Ways we can still connect (virtually):

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