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4 Must Have Books For Optimized Fertility + Why

Whether you’re actively trying conceive, newly pregnant, or simply here to learn more about balancing your hormones in generalI wanted to share some powerful resources with you!

But first, can I vent a bit? 😉 

One of the things that bothers me the most in the women’s health space is that many of us aren’t taken seriously until we are looking to make babies.

Yep, I said it.

And I know because I’ve been on BOTH ends of the spectrum.

Whether or not you’re trying to conceive… your hormone concerns are valid. Period.

Too many woman are being pushed aside by their doctors and gynecologists when expressing their hormone imbalance concerns. Only being offered blanket prescriptions (like birth control), to ease symptoms without looking DEEPER.

This is a huge problem.


Because years later, if we are interested in starting a family, we have to take so many more steps backwards.

Why can’t we help women address their concerns from day one?

And, what about the women NOT interested in having babies? Are they stuck with unwanted prescriptions and a lack of compassion for their hormone concerns forever?

Let’s help women feel better RIGHT NOW. Regardless of their fertility goals.

We would see a world filled with women who felt energized, happy, pain-free, and empowered in their bodies.

And I want that, don’t you?

That is why it is my mission to support you (now), and provide you with the tools you need (right now), so that you feel good in your body for years to come.

Ok, now that my vent session is over … can I share with you a few of the books I have been LOVING lately?


⭐️ Taking Charge of Your Fertility is GOLD. A must read for any woman looking to connect to her cycle and understand how our reproductive system actually works. Perfect for natural birth control OR pregnancy achievement.

⭐️ I can’t say enough good things about Real Food for Pregnancy (have you listened to my interview with the Lily Nichols on ep 13 of the podcast?). Science-based information on nutrition….before, during, and after baby. Plus a ton of other ways, beyond nutrition, to holistically support the body.

⭐️ The Fourth Trimester is powerful. A deep look into the truths of the woman’s body during pregnancy and the months after. I wish every woman would get their hands on this. You’ll learn how to lovingly care for your entire system..mind, body, and soul. With many eastern, holistic, and ancient practices!

⭐️ Making Babies is a recent read (thankful to Ally, a local Columbus gal, who let me borrow!). I loved the blend of western and eastern advice. I found the information on Ayurveda, acupuncture, and herbs for infertility to be FASCINATING. Can’t wait to dive more into these topics soon.

You can also catch a glimpse of my other go-to hormone books behind the scenes (I have another entire bookshelf full too 🙈).

4 Amazing Books for Fertility.png

What hormone and fertility books have you been reading? Comment below and let me know!

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