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5 Foundational Principles for TRUSTING Food + Your Body

Katelyn Parsons and I talk through self-confidence, body image, intuitive eating, and perfectionism on this episode of the podcast

I loved this episode so, SO much. My amazing friend, Katelyn, walked us through the work she does with her clients including tools for listening to your body, discussing the dangers of restrictive diets, and making empowered choices around food. 

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Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have a peaceful relationship with food, void of restrictive and binge-eating patterns?

Have you ever wondered what your life could look like if navigating food choices no longer took up so much space in your brain?

Below is a summary of 5 key principles Katelyn highlights in this episode that help us show up in our lives with energy and restore our connection with ourselves through intuitive eating. 

⭐️All bodies are different

What works for one person does not work for everyone. When it comes to intuitive eating, there is no finish line. Unlike most diets with restrictive metrics (losing 10 pounds, dropping a pant size, analyzing measurements…), intuitive eating is an ongoing journey of learning how to trust in your body again.

Intuitive eating allows you to experiment with foods that feel good for your body and it allows you the space to pivot and change when necessary.


Because all bodies are different. One specific way of eating, or moving your body, is NOT going to work for everyone. That is the beauty of intuitive eating! You have the option to choose.

⭐️Identify food rules and old habits

Restrictive and rigid food rules/habits negatively affect our relationship with food and keep us subconsciously stuck. When we have restrictive eating patterns (times of day, types of food, or how much food), we tend to withhold important nutrients that our body needs to thrive.

This leads are body to feel extremely restricted, undernourished, and physically/mentally STRESSED. This stress and restriction can lead to binge episodes.

If one thing is clear….it is that restriction leads to binging.

Noticing when we create fearful or rigid stories around food initiates the process of healing our relationship. This ultimately leads us to finding food freedom in the long term.

⭐️Repair hunger, fullness, and satisfaction cues

We tend to rely on external cues that deregulate our trust with our internal bodies. Cutting out foods because diet culture tells us they are “bad”, checking to our smart watch for fitness updates, and only eating at certain times (because of diet rules) takes away our power.

We are the only ones who know our bodies, and we can rediscover what that means as we engage in intuitive eating. This process can get messy, and we don’t always get it right! Giving ourselves the permission to discover and listen to our bodies from a place of love unlocks limitless freedom and peace overtime.

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⭐️Honor your “hungry”

Once we reconnect with our bodies, we can choose food, rather than food choosing us. When we begin to develop a positive relationship around food, we start to see all foods as neutral. Neither good or bad.

Nutrition can be one of the biggest forms of self-care – when we learn to develop a positive and restorative balance. When we drop the labels of good/bad and healthy/not healthy, we develop a nurturing and compassionate voice that observes rather than judges.

⭐️Trust your body

Food habituation is the process of bringing in food more often, particularly those foods that we tend to restrict. In doing so, we reduce the food’s “desire factor” and our emotional attachment to it. We give ourselves full permission to eat it. How releasing is that?!

When we begin to release our control around food, we learn that our body actually has our back. If you begin to notice that your body is manifesting symptoms (bloating, fatigue, indigestion)… how can you get curious instead of blame?

What might your body be trying to tell you? Was it truly the food you ate (in which case, maybe you are struggling with a sensitivity), or is it simply that you need some time to rest and slow down?

In episode 27 of the podcast, Katelyn and I dive into these important topics and SO much more.


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