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Reconnecting to Your Feminine Energy in 4 Steps

Cassandra Wilder, naturopathic doctor and menstruation expert, explains why healing our relationship with our period and deeply connecting to our feminine energy is transformative in this week’s episode of the podcast

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Cassandra and I discuss how many of us feel disconnected from ourselves and our feminine energy. This lack of vibrancy and joy may be directly correlated to our relationship with our body menstrual cycle. 

When women are disconnected from their cycle, physical symptom can develop, such as: 

  • inability to orgasm

  • vaginal dryness

  • cyst

  • bloating

  • fertility struggles

  • pelvic pain and more…

When we learn how to connect to, and heal our relationship with our menstrual cycle, we can achieve deep connection, happiness, and alignment in our lives.

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Coming back to your body and feminine energy illuminates your path forward.

These 4 tips can help…

⭐️Reflect on your first cycle

Think back to your first menstrual cycle. Did you feel shameful? Did you feel dirty? Did you feel like you could talk about it openly? Cassandra explains that this is where the disconnection with our cycle begins.

When we are able to speak our truth about our first period through reflection, journaling, sharing, and even hormone coaching… this paves the way to recognizing the root cause of the negative symptoms we may be experiencing.

Rather than being stuck in a pattern of feeling broken, reflection allows us to soften into our emotions and connect the dots between our emotional and physical health. 

When we begin to heal our past stories around our period and body, we open up space for acceptance and joy.

⭐️Get in tune with your energy

Many of us spend our mental energy focusing on the physical results (the hormone numbers, eliminating PMS symptoms, reducing belly bloat…) of hormone balance. So much so, that the idea of emotional work seems unproductive and non-tangible. 

But this idea is flawed.

Balance within the body cannot always be measured with numbers and test results. This is why tapping into your energetic body, and learning how to recognize stuck emotions within the body, can be super helpful.

This is all about opening your awareness and exploration.

Begin to notice how your body is innately on your side and supporting you. It is so wise!

Consider scheduling a Reiki session or Tarot Reading to get you started. Or, find a peaceful moment to sit with your journal, play some calming music, and free write.

Read books that help you tap into your wild woman (I LOVE Rebecca Campbell and Women who Run with Wolves), or watch an empowering movie that lifts up and celebrates the feminine (Oh, hey, Wonder Woman!).

These are all tools that can help activate your emotional, and feminine, body!

⭐️Support the body with herbs

Adaptogenic herbs naturally address the areas of our body that need support. In this episode, Cassandra mentions several herbs that help to support our menstrual cycle and fertility.

Herbs remineralize our bodies, and minerals are the building blocks for our body to regulate our hormones. These mineral storages are negatively impacted by hormonal birth control, gut issues, and sleep, which can result in brain fog and bloating. 

Cassandra recommends herbs as a self-care practice and ritual that we can look forward to, as an energizing start to our day or a soothing night-cap. 

One specific herbal tea blend recipe she mentions includes nettle leaf, red raspberry leaf, and milky oats. This herbal tea blend regulates our cycle, increases iron storage, supports pregnancy, and tones our uterus (great for after pregnancy or for a prolapsed uterus!). 

When we connect to nature’s medicine, it can help us get in touch with our wild, feminine bodies, too.


⭐️ Try something NEW (and maybe even a little wild).

Our bodies are not broken and in need of fixing. In fact, our bodies are constantly guiding us towards healing. Cassandra shares how she personally drops out of her brain and into her body through slow movement every morning. We even discuss the emotional and physical benefits vaginal steaming – wait, what!!!?? 

What is vaginal steaming? Vaginal steaming is a process of brewing an herbal tea and standing over it. This ritual can be performed twice per month, before and after your period. It helps in the recovery, rebalancing, and cleaning of the reproductive organs. Cassandra advocates speaking with a steam practitioner for recommendations on herbal blends, but you can try it at home!

Get creative with opening up, and trusting your body… and even trying something wild and NEW.

Shake up your energy with playful dance, a juicy yoga flow, or perhaps try a new holistic hormone treatment like mayan abdominal massage or even yoni (vaginal) steaming.

There is no definitive way to tap into your divine feminine energy. This work is all about exploring, and feeling into, what lights up and helps you feel rooted and free.

It’s about learning to soften into the ebbs and flows. And learning to surrender to your body, and learning to believe you’re so, SO powerful.



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