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Learning How to *Listen* to the Body

At the core of EVERYTHING I do with clients, the goal is to help you listen more compassionately to your body.

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At the end of our final group session for the Heal Your Period Group Program this week, I asked all the girls what they were most proud of.

Their answers?

✨ Learning how to be more patient with their bodies.

✨ Learning how to fully understand and appreciate their amazing cycles.

✨ Learning how to understand the *signs* their bodies send from a place or non-judgement.

I mean… YES!! 👏🏻👏🏻

When we work together, you will learn how to understand and get to the root of your period and fertility symptoms, but you will also gain SO much more.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your incredible body and menstrual cycle.

There is SO much we just don’t know about our bodies.

All those symptoms you’re struggling with?

They are clues from your body that something is up.

I know that your doctor isn’t looking too much into them…

And if they are, perhaps they are just suggesting birth control as any “easy fix.”

But, when we work together, we take a completely different approach.

We get CURIOUS (from a place of compassion 🙃) for the body.

I will teach you how to accurately track your cycle and health biomarkers so we can piece the clues together.

I teach you how to understand exactly how your female anatomy works, so you have a greater appreciation for the complexity of the body, and all it is does for you!

It’s from this space that we can make powerful hormone changes that support you in feeling like yourself again.

The acceptance, ease, and compassion that follows (true mindset shifts!) is where the real work happens 🩸🌙

I have a few spots left in my 6-month private program (doors close end of August…)

And the next 6-week group program launches Sept 8!

You can schedule a 30-minute deep dive to learn more or sign-up for the group program waitlist here 🙂

Here for you always,


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