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Why Food Restriction is the WORST….

You will never see me building my clients a “meal plan.”

Sure, we talk about foods that are super supportive for hormone healing and fertility… but we always bring it back to the foods you LOVE.

Listen. I used to create really specific “food rules” for myself.

And if you pick up any book on hormone balance, you are most likely going to read a list of all the foods you have to eliminate from your diet.

Gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, coffee … should I keep going? 🤪

But guess what?

This lifestyle is NOT sustainable and our bodies and brains weren’t made to live that way.

First of all, it doesn’t take in to consideration that every body is different.

Everyone’s digestive needs are different.

Everyone’s likes/dislikes and nutrient needs are DIFFERENT.

Quick personal story…

I cut out gluten and dairy from my diet for 3 years.

And if I am being honest, I did feel quite a bit better for a while.

But, I realized that it wasn’t necessarily the gluten and dairy itself that was causing all of the problems. What I actually needed was a lot of gut healing in order to better digest these foods.

Fast forward to today, I now choose really quality and high fat forms of dairy (raw cheese, cottage cheese, and pasture-raised yogurts and butter for example), because they help energize me and keep my full.

PLUS they don’t upset my belly and they are super nutrient-dense!

I choose easier to digest forms of gluten, like sourdough bread, when possible. And although I still eat primarily gluten-free in my home, I don’t stress (because I seriously used to STRESS…) if I chose to have gluten when I am out and about.

I also don’t have celiac disease, in which case, gluten truly makes you VERY sick. So I am lucky to have this luxury.

So how do I apply these concepts to my private clients?

Instead of giving my clients meal plans and elimination lists (because believe me there are SO many hormone coaches who do…), we chat about what foods are fully going to nourish them instead.

What foods make them feel super energized, full, and help stabilize their moods?

We talk about the building blocks of our hormones (protein, fat, and yes … carbs!) and how to make sure you’re getting enough of these into each of your meals.

Balancing your hormones and boosting your fertility DOES NOT mean food restriction or any “magical” hormone diet.

In this season of my life I have been CRAVING salads.

Salads and grilled cheese sandwiches 🤣

So I have been honoring those cravings and making meals that incorporate all the hormone essentials.

This is how I support my clients, too.

Along with all the other lovely aspects of fertility tracking, connecting to feminine energy, and living in flow with their cycle 🩸

If you have been looking for support, I am here for you.

The doors to my 6-month private coaching program will be closing at the end of August and I won’t be launching it again until next spring.

There are only two spots left ✌🏻

This 6-month experience is the total accountability and guidance you need to reach your hormone and fertility goals.

I will be scheduling hormone deep dives for the next two weeks.

If you’re looking for support, I would love to chat with you about private coaching, and see if we are a good fit 🙂

You deserve to take this next step for you.



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