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Reframing how we View Women’s Health…

I am so tired of us always looking at what can “go wrong” with our body.

This creates so much fear and apprehension, and really holds us back from believing in ourselves!

Let’s pause and reflect for a moment.

How often are you critiquing your body and your hormone symptoms?

No judgement… I do it too!

Especially as someone who works with women on getting to the root of hormone and fertility struggles, and who has worked through these challenges myself, I know how easy it is to focus on the negative.

But I think this is a huge part of the problem!

We are training our brains to only look at what needs “fixed,” and this negative energy then resonates throughout the body and can cause further disruptions.

What if we reframed our thinking, and instead, focused on all the things that are working beautifully in the body?

What if we held on to the core belief that our body is meant to heal?

This simple energy shift, learning how to appreciate our body for where it is in the present moment, can make all the difference.

It doesn’t mean we drop all our hormone and fertility goals and become complacent.

Far from it, actually.

It means that we tackle our goals from a more positive place of self-respect and TRUST for our body instead.

It’s from this place that we are able to make empowered choices around food, and our body, that support our hormones and fertility goals.

You up for the challenge with me? ✨



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