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Ditch Diet Culture With Me!

Went on a little rant today on my instagram stories 🤪

And realized it was actually VERY timely for the episode I have coming out tomorrow on the podcast with the gals of @thebabesmentpod.

Regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not… your body was designed to change during different seasons of your life.

Whether it gets bigger, or smaller, is irrelevant. And guess what? It’s nobody else’s business either.

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Since getting pregnant, I’ve noticed that the language around my body has changed a lot. When enjoying a prenatal workout, I am encouraged to “listen to my body, slow down when needed, drink lots of water, and take breaks!” All good things, right?

But why aren’t we using this SAME language for all women, pregnant or not?

Since getting pregnant, I’ve been told that my growing body is “beautiful” and to “listen/honor the foods my body is craving.” I have even caught myself enjoying more foods during this season of my life that I may not have chosen to eat previously.

And why is that?

I guess my point is…

We need to respect ALL women’s changing bodies regardless of their pregnancy goals.

And we should ALWAYS, (no matter if we are growing a human), listen to our hunger cues, honor our cravings, listen to our body – and slow down if needed – during workouts.

The nurturing language we give to pregnant women (and thank goodness we do), should also be the language we give to all women all the time. And don’t even get me started on how we judge the postpartum body 🙈

If you’re resonating with my rant today, you should totally check out my episode tomorrow with @stefstreb + @julie.ohlemacher.

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