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Fertility Awareness 6-Week Group Program

I only have two spots left for this next round of the 6-week group program!

Aside from learning how to support your body post birth control, you’ll learn…

✨ How to use FAM for birth control or pregnancy achievement

✨ How to interpret and track your basal body temperature

✨ How to use cervical mucus to identify your fertile window (in DETAIL!)

✨ How use LH testing to predict ovulation

✨ How to live in FLOW with the four phases of your natural cycle

✨ How to read your charts (and interpret others) for both hormonal health and your fertility goals

Plus, you’ll get my Heal Your Period online program for free to supplement your learning 🥰

Basal Body Temperature - Pregnancy Chart.png

I recently shared my basal body temperature the month I got pregnant on instagram.

This might look like a bunch of silly dots with no rhyme or reason, but to me, it all made sense!

And made me sooo happy!

One of the things you will learn in the 6-week program is how to identify BBT temperature…

  • Your temps are lower in the follicular phase of your cycle (the phase prior to ovulation).

  • Once you ovulate, you will then see a spike in temps, during the luteal phase of the cycle.

  • 18+ sustained high temps (and of course a missed period) means you’re most likely (definitely) pregnant!

I help my clients learn and interpret their basal body temperature for both pregnancy prevention and achievement.

But, to be fair, BBT is just a piece of the puzzle.

It is also CRUCIAL that you learn about your cervical mucus patterns and what this means about your fertile window as your approach ovulation.

BBT only helps us confirm (not predict) ovulation.

It also tells us a lot about your overall metabolic health and stress levels 👏🏻👏🏻 So, if you’re ready to learn more about fertility awareness, and interpreting your CM + BBT biomarkers… join us!!

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Payment Plan Option

Or, learn more about what the program is about here!



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