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Identifying Cervical Mucus With Fertility Awareness Method

The best indicator of your fertility, and approaching ovulation, is the identification of cervical mucus… NOT your app’s “prediction” of your fertile window.

Many of the women who come to me inquiring about fertility awareness are currently using a tracking app on their phone which predicts their ovulatory, or fertile, window.

And while there is nothing wrong with using these apps (in fact – I will use apps in conjunction with paper charting), I MUST stress that there is no way that your phone can accurately predict when you’re fertile. Even if your cycle is fairly regular.


Ovulation day can change due to variety of reasons. A few common ones include:

  • Stress

  • Travel

  • Nutrition changes

  • Modifications in your workouts

  • The mere fact that our bodies are sensitive to change, which makes us inconsistent every month…

The only accurate way to predict your fertile window is by learning how to identify and interpret your cervical mucus biomarkers.

So let’s dig into what that means a little more, shall we? 🙂

Following the tail-end of your period, you’re going to begin charting and observing your dry-to-wet day observations.

The first day you experience fertile quality cervical mucus is called your point of change.

Typically, this means observing EL mucus (check the chart below for for details), after noticing a period of dry days post period.

When this day occurs varies greatly woman to woman.

So What Are the Different Types of Cervical Mucus?

Cervical Mucus.jpg

For some women, they will head straight into their fertile window following their period. Meaning, they experience 0 dry days, and immediately see fertile cervical mucus, as they end their period. Period tracker apps don’t often predict this 🤪

For others, they may experience delayed ovulation (continual dry days for longer than 21 days), without observing any fertile quality mucus. You will eventually learn what your usual pattern looks like!

Regardless, as soon as you see EL or ES mucus, you’re in the fertile window. Ovulation is likely right around the corner + pregnancy CAN occur!

How to Identify Your Cervical Mucus

A quick recap on the above graphic covering the types of cervical mucus:

DRY DAYS: Low hormones + residual progesterone producing G mucus. Not fertile.

  • You will most likely see nothing on your underwear + it will feel like a rough or dry sensation when you wipe.

  • Some women will experience or see a more scant, crumbly, dry mucus in their underwear during this time. This is usually progesterone producing mucus and is not fertile.

  • Dry will DIE! Sperm can only live in a dry environment for minutes to hours.

EL DAYS: Rising estrogen levels + moist mucus observed. Fertile.

  • You may notice a creamy, lotiony, or milky mucus in your underwear OR on your toilet paper.

  • It feels smooth when wiping

  • Sperm can live in this environment for up to 5 days.

  • Ovulation is likely on the way.

ES DAYS: High estrogen levels + very lubricative. Peak Fertility.

  • You may notice a very stretchy, clear, wet, and/or slippery mucus in your underwear OR on your toilet paper.

  • Feels lubricative when wiping.

  • Sperm can live in this environment for up to 5 days.

  • Ovulation is VERY near.

So, as you can see, understanding the difference between your dry days and non-peak/peak CM is a must for both pregnancy prevention + achievement.

Every body is different — so don’t worry if you’re confused about what you’re seeing. It can take multiple cycles to establish your body’s pattern and to get a feel for what your cervical mucus looks like.

This is why working with a fertility awareness educator can be extremely helpful.

Do you know how many pictures of underwear and cervical mucus I get a week? 🤣

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am always here to help via my private 3-month coaching program or my bi-monthly 6-week group program.

Reach out any time!



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