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How to Support Your Gut and Support Your Hormones…

The best way to support your hormones?

Support you GUT!


Because the majority of hormone imbalance is resulting from too much estrogen in comparison to progesterone in the body.

Unfortunately, when our gut isn’t working properly, there is no way to get all that estrogen OUT of the body.

So, the first place to start is with some gut supporting remedies! Here are a few of my favorites:

Gut Healing and Hormone Healing.jpg

1. Make gelatin gummies. I just started making these and they are an incredible snack. Full of protein, useable sugar, and they support the gut…win! @greatlakesgelatin is a great brand. I just look up recipes on Pinterest 🙃 You can follow me there (Nourished with Nina) to pin my faves.

2. Watch inflammatory oils. These are in EVERYTHING! Now, a little here and there isn’t going to harm you 🤪 But, I always try to read my labels and choose foods that aren’t made with safflower, sunflower, canola, peanut, soy, oil when I can. These oils disrupt our gut flora and can increase inflammation in the body – increasing estrogen!

3. Drink bone broth. What a soothing way to heal your gut! Plus, it’s full of important minerals and vitamins that our hormones love. I like to pair bone broth with tough to digest foods or I just pair it with some organic cheese/something yummy for a mid-day snack.

4. Try digestive bitters. These help your body produce your natural enzymes, better digest your food, and absorb all your nutrients. I like @urbanmoonshine. *TIP* Don’t take these if you’re pregnant! Try a digestive enzyme instead.

Have you tried any of these gut supporting remedies before?

Share below! 🥰

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