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Is Fertility Awareness Method the Right Choice for You?

Is Fertility Awareness Method right for you?

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I’ll be honest, it isn’t for EVERYONE… and that’s ok! But, as you all know, I am a huge advocate of the method! And I believe that everyone has the right to know that FAM is in fact a safe, and EFFECTIVE (99.4%) way, of preventing pregnancy naturally.

So, is FAM right for you?

Ask yourself these questions:

✨ Are you over the negative side effects of the pill or IUD?
✨ Are you ready to transition of off synthetic hormones?
✨ Are you excited to learn about your natural cycle and how the body actually works?
✨ Are you ready to invest time in yourself? Learning FAM means tracking your fertile biomarkers EVERY DAY.
✨ Are you willing to use other forms of contraception during your fertile window?
✨ Are you ready to take, and record, your temps every morning? Options vary here 🙂
✨ Are you ready to get cozy and truly understand your cervical mucus cues?
✨ Do you understand that it can take at least 3 months to get comfortable with learning your fertility patterns?
✨ Are you open to working with a coach to support you and help you use the method effectively?

If you answered YES to these questions….FAM may be right for you!

Learning fertility awareness method is one of the most empowering things you can do for your body.

Whether you’re trying to avoid pregnancy naturally, or learn more about your cycle for conception, it is FAM is a wonderful tool with an amazing efficacy rate.

I completely understand that taking the pill is an easy “out of sight, out of mind” solution for avoiding pregnancy. Learning FAM means that you have to actively pay attention and work with your body’s cyclical fertile clues on a daily basis.

But in my personal experience, and the experience of my clients, it’s incredibly eye-opening and empowering to truly understand and APPRECIATE how the body works.

I’m always here to support you and answer any questions you have.

You can always check out my private 3-month coaching as well as my 6-week group program to learn more about getting support with learning FAM 🙂

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