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Struggling with too much estrogen? Read this!

Are you struggling with painful + heavy periods? Dark and clotted periods? Cyclical headaches? Boating? Low body temps? Poor digestion? Trouble conceiving?

I hear these complaints a lot in my coaching practice and it all points to excess estrogen!
Along with modifying nutrition, improving digestion, and supporting liver detoxification, these simple tips can make a HUGE difference:

Too Much Estrogen and Estrogen Dominance.jpg

1. Eat a raw carrot a day. Carrots help bind to excess estrogen and helps you get it OUT.

2. Try castor oil packs a few times a week + place them over your liver. All you need is some castor oil, a flannel, and a heating pad. Youtube a tutorial, get comfy, and relax with some Netflix.

Start transitioning your beauty/cleaning products and ditch the plastic. These products are full of xenoestrogens and toxins that make the work on your liver even harder. Remember, you liver has to package up all your estrogen, but if it is too busy clearing toxins from our products, this job becomes a lot harder.

Supplement with Vitamin E. I LOVE this supplement. Vitamin E helps balance the effects of PUFAs in our diet and helps to ease inflammation. Estrogen drives inflammation and so does too many polyunsaturated fats in our diet. Help your body out with this powerful supplement.

Looking for more support? Make sure to register for my free class and sang my birth control transition guide below!


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