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Have I ovulated?! He is how to find out …

The most common question I get?

How can I tell if I’ve ovulated?!

Zoning in on ovulation is super important, both for pregnancy prevention and achievement.

So what are some clues that you have ovulated?

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First things first, let’s chat about APPROACHING ovulation again….

1. I want to remind you that you can only “predict” when ovulation is going to occur. You do this by learning more about your cervical mucus biomarkers. When you begin to see fertile quality CM you know that you’re approaching ovulation. Fertile CM is a sign that you’re in the fertile window and ovulation is likely around the corner. Check out my blog post here to learn more cervical mucus!

2. Begin testing for your LH surge on the first day you see CM. When you get a “positive” surge, you will most likely ovulate in 24-36 hours.

3. The last day you see peak mucus is a good sign that ovulation is happening or VERY close!
Now… how do you confirm ovulation has occurred?

It’s all about cervical mucus changes and temp spikes!!

1. After ovulation occurs, estrogen begins to decline. This means that your cervical mucus “should” dry up. Some women experience non-peak CM as their estrogen levels lower. Working with a FAM educator can help you figure out your fertile/non-fertile pattern.

2. In addition to experiencing dry days again post ovulation, you should see an increase in temps by at least .5 degrees. This is because progesterone is your dominant hormone during this phase and it is heat producing. 3-4 elevated temps are a good sign you have ovulated.

Temp spike is always AFTER ovulation. I find that a lot of women get confused with this and think that their temp spike is the day ovulation occurs — nope 😉

It’s all about putting your clues together!!

Working with a fertility awareness educator can be a HUGE help.

You can check out my private coaching or group coaching options here to learn more if you need assistance!

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