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Luteal Phase Toolkit — How to Support Your Body + Symptoms.

Oh, the luteal phase …it gets such a bad rap! But it doesn’t have to 🤪

This is the phase that begins the day after ovulation. A healthy luteal phase is at least 10 days and usually lasts around 14 days.

During this phase of the cycle, progesterone takes over and estrogen dips. On one hand, all the extra progesterone can help us feel super calm and grounded. For others, struggling with estrogen dominance (and too low progesterone), this phase can feel like a HOT MESS.

I find that most women struggle with the luteal phase because they “fight” the idea that it’s time to slow down and relax. We are a bit more emotional during this phase, due to changing hormone levels, and many of us push back against that.

Instead, we need to learn how to HONOR this slowing down of time and acknowledge that our emotions are coming up for a reason 🙃 How can we learn to process them in a healthy way?

On a more physical level, you want to support your fluctuating hormone levels and prepare for the changes your period will soon bring. The tips below can help!

Luteal Phase Symptom Relief.jpg

1. Don’t cut the carbs… your body needs the energy during this phase.

2. Upping your magnesium can help release tension in the body and helps support cramping and anxiety.

3. Menstruation can be an inflammatory event for many. Help the body out by reducing your caffeine and alcohol intake during your luteal phase.

4. Feeling that luteal phase bloat? Try dandelion, fennel, turmeric, or ginger tea. All great ways to calm the body and support your liver!

Feeling good in the luteal phase is a combo of mental/emotional awareness and supporting the physical body.

It also means addressing excess estrogen throughout your ENTIRE cycle to ease symptoms during this phase.

Have you tried any of these tips before? 🥰

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