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Supporting Cervical Mucus for Pregnancy

By now, you probably know how important cervical mucus is for pregnancy prevention AND conception 😅

Producing enough quality CM is also a key sign of your overall hormonal health.

Cervical mucus is stimulated by rising estrogen levels. So, if your estrogen levels are all out of whack, this can greatly affect the quality of your CM and how much you produce.

Today, I want to touch on why this is important for CONCEPTION…

You have two different types of fertile cervical mucus: EL and ES.

Both of these have varying qualities that support sperm mobility and conception.

Let’s dig-in more below…

EL: Feels moist. It can also look creamy or more “clumpy.” Helps to lock in malformed + slow-moving sperm. Basically, EL mucus makes sure the healthy guys reach your egg and weeds out the bad swimmers 😉

ES: Is stretchy, clear, + slippery. EL mucus nourishes healthy sperm and helps create a perfect pathway for sperm to reach the egg. It’s your PEAK fertile time!

Both of these CM qualities nourish and keep sperm alive for FIVE days. So, you can have sex any time during these days (your fertile window) and sperm will stay alive for 5 days waiting for ovulation to occur. Then – the real party begins!

In order to successfully get pregnant, you need healthy and abundant Cervical mucus 🙂

So let’s talk about some tips that can help….

Cervical Mucus and Fertility Support.png

1. Drink enough water. Did you know that CM is mainly water? Help your body out and stay hydrated, girl!

2. Antihistamines can dry up cervical mucus and make it difficult for sperm to survive and transport to the egg. Can you reduce your usage? Working with a hormone coach can help you work on the underlying root causes of allergies and help you transition of your medication.

3. Eat ENOUGH. Hormone balance (estrogen levels) are key for healthy CM. Are you eating for hormone production? Check out my podcast episode with the amazing Lily Nichols to learn more about how to support pregnancy through nutrition!

4. An imbalanced microbiome can affect your CM in many ways. Disrupted estrogen levels is a big one, but it can also affect your vaginal bacteria as well. Checking in on your gut, choosing easy to digest foods, and incorporating in fermented foods or a probiotic can be super helpful. I have some helpful tips in this blog post.

Looking to learn even MORE about CM and FAM?

Whether you’re trying to prevent pregnancy or achieve it, I GOT YOU in my 6-week group program.

Join me for my group fertility awareness program starting Jan 13th!

You can check out more details here 🙂

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