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Why I encourage LH Testing with my Fertility Awareness Clients

It wasn’t until I started my training with FEMM that I learned more about having all my clients test for their LH surge.

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Of course, I knew this was an important clue for clients trying to conceive… but it is also an AMAZING clue for those who are using FAM for birth control! DUH 🤪

So what is your LH surge?

LH stands for luteinizing hormone. This is the hormonal signal sent from the pituitary gland after estrogen reaches PEAK levels. So, high (peaking) estrogen, triggers LH.

What does this signal mean for your fertile window?

When you are testing for LH, and finally see a positive surge, this means that you will *most likely* ovulate within 24-36 hours.

I use this biomarker with my clients to help us get a more clear picture on their window of ovulation.

Your LH surge often lines up closely with your peak mucus (ES: stretchy, slippery, clear…) as well. Both great indicators that ovulation is right around the corner.

*Pro Tip* OPKs are basically over priced LH strips 🙃 So, if you’re looking to conceive, I highly recommend purchasing the strips over those expensive ovulation tests.

Do you currently test for your LH surge?

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I won’t be launching this group program again until June 2021, and would love to support you before I go no maternity leave. Link in bio to sign up 🙂

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