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How to Draw a Fertility Awareness Method Coverline

Adding a coverline to your FAM chart is a GREAT visual to help you see the shift between the follicular and luteal phase of your cycle.

Before ovulation occurs, your temps will be lower. AFTER ovulation has occurred, your temp shift higher due to the production of progesterone (heat producing).

So how do you draw a coverline?

How to draw a coverline.jpeg

You will need to wait until AFTER you get your temp spike (typically about .5 degrees higher) to draw your line. Keep in mind that not all women will see such a drastic rise in temps, so you may need to give yourself a couple more days to confirm temp rise.

Once you confirm your rise (peak day, CM changes, and your LH surge can help with this) you are going to take the previous 6 temps before the rise. Take the highest of those 6 temps and draw your coverline .1 degree above.

Now you have a great visual to see the biphastic pattern between the phases of your cycle and gain some more data!

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