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How to Properly Track Cervical Mucus

Whether you’re using fertility awareness method for conception or pregnancy prevention, learning how to accurately track cervical mucus is KEY.

And it doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it 😅

Keep reading to learn the BEST ways to identify and check your cervical mucus and what I recommend to my clients!

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✨ What does it FEEL like when you’re wiping and walking? Think descriptive words like, “lubricative, slippery, wet, or dry.” Many of us have felt the difference between a dry wiping day and a v slippery wiping day — you with me? Same goes for sensation when you’re walking.


✨ What do you SEE? Believe it or not, checking your underwear for what you see isn’t always the most reliable. Why? It can sometimes be mixed with sweat and confuse observations. Get in the habit of always checking your toilet paper as the first sign of what you see. Is there moist or slippery CM on the paper? Make note!


✨ Don’t be afraid to TOUCH! It’s your body after all. Touch is a key observation sign that can’t be underestimated. Helping you determine if your CM feels dry, moist, or lubricative. Also, knowing if it stretches is a very important indicator between your peak and non-peak mucus.


✨ At the end of the day, it’s time to RECORD it. Always mark down your most estrogenic CM. Refer to my earlier post on the different types of CM and how to identify them. You can keep notes in your phone throughout the day, but always chart your final observations in the evening on your paper chart.

Have you been tracking your cycle with fertility awareness method?

Learning to identify your CM patters gets easier with every cycle… and working with a FAM coach can make all the difference, too!

I teach FAM in my 3-Month Private Program as well as my 9-Week Private Deep Dive. If you ever have questions, let’s chat. You can schedule your free discovery call to learn more here!

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