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Menstrual Phase Tool Kit

Another cycle took kit coming for ya 🩸🌙

Looking for some simple ways to support your period? These tools can be a huge help.

Period Toolkit.jpg

✨ First, remember that your body is in its “winter” phase while on your period. Be easy on yourself. Your body wants to lay low and chill.

✨Struggling with cramps? @wisewomanherbals cramp bark is AMAZING.

✨CBD + magnesium oil/lotion will also be true gifts to ease those body aches, too.

✨Replenish all those lost minerals on your period with lots of sea vegetables. I love spirulina and chlorella. Oh, and bone broth!

✨Feeling emotional? USE this energy! We are very intuitive on our periods. Our true feelings and emotions are ready to be released. Grab your journal, tarot cards, or what ever tools help you connect deeper. Let GO! Physically and mentally.

✨And grab that dark chocolate, girl. Your belly and body will thank you 🙃

Looking for more personalized and detailed support with managing your period? 3-month private coaching might be for you! You can schedule you free discovery call to learn more here.

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