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Are You Producing Enough Progesterone?

Did you know that ovulation, NOT your period, is the actual *star* of your menstrual cycle?

Without successful ovulation, your body cannot produce optimal amounts of progesterone levels and this is a big deal.

Progesterone Production and Healthy Ovulation.png

Here is why….

Producing sufficient amounts of progesterone:

✔️ Balances the effects of estrogen in the body

✔️ Reduces PMS symptoms: bloating, cramping, headaches, heavy periods…

✔️ Helps ease anxiety so you’re calm, cool, and collected

✔️ Supports sleep

✔️ Is CRUCIAL for implantation and pregnancy to occur

✔️ Progesterone stabilizes the uterine lining so the embryo can attach

✔️ Sustains a healthy pregnancy until the placenta takes over

✔️ When progesterone levels are low, the uterine lining breaks down early (aka spotting after ovulation)

In my 3-month hormone coaching program, we use fertility awareness method to keep track of hormone levels and healthy ovulation. Plus, I’ve been using Proov, the first FDA cleared test to confirm ovulation ( and also this week’s podcast episode!) to give us extra data on optimal levels!

I also have a $5 off discount code if you’re looking to try Proov out for yourself 🙂

Supporting optimal progesterone levels goes back to supporting healthy ovulation.

This means… eating for hormone balance (protein, fats, and carbs my friends!), reducing stress levels, stabilizing mineral levels, not over-exercising, supporting estrogen detox, and so much more.

Looking for hormone support? You can schedule a free coaching discovery call to learn more about your options!

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