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Determining When You Are Fertile with FAM

Cervical mucus is your MOST important biomarker for fertility.

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This is why solely relying on your period app is not your best indicator of your fertile window. They can only “estimate” your fertility based on your average cycle days and temp shifts.

Your REAL “in-time” determining factor is your production of cervical mucus.

When in doubt, here are a few reminders…

Do not…
✨ Rely on your period app’s fertile window prediction
✨ Assume ovulation is on day 14
✨ Estimate your fertility based on your “regular pattern”
✨ Solely rely on temp shifts

Check your cervical mucus EVERY DAY
✨ Record your most estrogenic sign in the evening
✨ Assume you’re fertile if you’re unsure
Use LH strips to get a more clear picture of approaching ovulation
✨ Work with a FAM instructor to support you! 🙂

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