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Is the Amount You Bleed on Your Period Normal?

Did you know that the amount you bleed each period is a GREAT clue about your hormonal balance?

Too little bleeding can be a sign of low estrogen whereas too much bleeding can be a sign of estrogen dominance and poor detoxication.

Keep reading to get the details on what your period is teaching you!

Normal Bleed on Your Period.jpg

Some basics:
✨ Overall, an average bleed ranges between 3-7 days
✨ Spotting (brown or very light pink bleeding) does not count for those 3-7 days
✨ Bleeding should look bright, cranberry red

Bleeding amounts:
✨ 1 regular tampon of pad holds 5ml
✨ 1 super tampon or pad holds 10ml
✨ The menstrual cup holds 30ml
✨ An average amount of bleeding per period is between 35-50ml
✨ You want at least one medium and heavy day (check the graphic for more details!)

What does your period say about your hormone levels? 🙃

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