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Benefits of Reducing Caffeine

Do you totally need to stop drinking your beloved coffee? NO!

But, I do think there is a way to be MINDFUL of your caffeine and coffee consumption 🙃☕️

When I was at the height of my struggle with anxiety and painful periods, taking out coffee was very helpful for me, personally. But, as I ALWAYS share with my clients, you need to listen to your body!

Benefits of Reducing Caffeine.jpg

Reducing your caffeine intake can help with many of the symptoms listed in the graphic ^^ so it is worth some experimentation!

A few of my biggest coffee tips:
– ALWAYS eat breakfast before your coffee
– Add protein + fat to coffee if you can. A packet of collagen and some full fat cream or grass-fed butter
– switch to green tea in the afternoon if you usually have multiple cups a day
– Try decaf or low-caff coffee! My favorite brand is @savoristacoffee. You can also use my discount: NINA to get 25% off your order or 30% off a coffee subscription

Have you tried reducing caffeine in your own life? Or have you tried any of the tips above?

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