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How to Accurately Track Basal Body Temperature with FAM

Getting an accurate basal body temperature reading doesn’t have to be challenging!

Often times, my clients just need to make a *few* tweaks and BOOM we are getting reliable data…

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1. Remember that your thermometer doesn’t have to be expensive! Just make sure it is a standard BBT device and that it tracks to the 10 degree. A regular “sick” thermometer won’t cut it. I usually recommend femometer.

2. Make sure you’re waking up around the same time every morning to temp (within 30-60 minutes). Our temp rises and shifts as we sleep in, making results in accurate if you’re inconsistent.

3. Try not to pee 3 hours before waking as it can affect accuracy. I know this can be hard, try your best!

4. Do not get up out of bed and THEN temp. Take your temp as soon as you wake-up, while you’re still lying down.

5. Sometimes you will get an outlier temp (weirdly high or weirdly low), mark this in your chart! Can your correlate this temp to poor sleep? Stress? Drinking the night before? Being sick? Take notes!

6. If you have a crazy schedule, alternate between day/night shift, or do not typically wake up at the same time each morning, try out @tempdrop. This amazing device takes the average of your temps throughout the night and makes BBT tracing SUPER easy. I also have a discount code (NINA10) that you can use if you’re interested.

Oh, and one last thing! It can be helpful to warm your thermometer up in your mouth before temping. Place it under your tongue for 10 mins and THEN get your reading. This can help when you feel like your temps are all over the place and you can’t seem to figure out why 🤪

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