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Back to Basics: Balancing Blood Sugar

Something I’ve been fairly transparent about on my podcast recently has been my struggles with weight-loss resistance after having Gia.

The woman’s body goes through so MANY different seasons throughout our lifetime.

These seasons play a direct role in how our metabolism and body respond to food and lifestyle changes.

Take a moment to think about these huge hormonal shifts that many of us have (or will) go through:

  • Puberty
  • The “I’m on birth control season”
  • The “I’m transitioning off birth control season”
  • Pregnancy
  • Postpartum (and the years following)
  • Menopause

Holy MOLY do our bodies go through some intense physical/hormonal changes.

These various seasons can indirectly put your body under quite a lot of stress.

So it’s nice to know how to support yourself when these seasons arrive.

I believe that there are 3 main pillars when it comes to our health and wellness:

All three of these pillars work in balance and they build off of each other. Body being the literal foundation.

Personally, I have had to circle back and do some deep reflection on this first pillar – meaning that I need to go back to the basics.

After going through the pregnancy and postpartum transition, my body has not been responding to food or movement the same – and this is to be EXPECTED!

I noticed that I haven’t been tolerating as much dairy as I was able to before having Gia.

I’ve also noticed that my body isn’t metabolizing certain carbohydrates. 

My usual mix of “healthy” food has been causing me to feel bloated/puffy, is leading to joint pain, and no matter how much I incorporate movement…my body is in serious storage mode.

It is frustrating to feel like you’re eating well and working hard to move your body – but you just feel STUCK.

This prompted me to get really curious about what seems to be triggering my symptoms so that I can mindfully make changes and assess my progress.

So, that means going back to the hormone basics: blood sugar balance.

While I am SUCH a supporter of combining protein, fat, and carbs at every meal, I noticed that my body wasn’t tolerating carbs as efficiently as it used to.

So, I dug out my absolute favorite book – Body Love Everyday by Kelly Leveque – and started taking notes.

Kelly digs deep into the science of blood sugar balance. 

Specifically, the effects insulin has on the body as a storage hormone, the role glucose plays in your blood sugar curve, and how our muscles, liver, and fat cells respond to IT ALL.

For my body personally, this meant highly prioritizing protein/fat and getting in more cellular carbohydrates at each meal (aka fiber and greens!).

I have been mindful about choosing complex carbohydrates in portion sizes that feel WAY better in my body. I’ve also realized that I do not need a starchy carb at every meal to feel full and energized.

And while I will NEVER cut dairy out of my life again (huge mistake… plus protein, fat, calcium and vitamin A is incredibly bioavailable in dairy products!) I am choosing to enjoy easier-to-digest forms and choosing smaller portions.

The reason I share all this is because I want you to know it is OK to listen to your body and make loving changes.

I have worked on breaking the control that diet culture has had on me for many years and when I started to feel really uncomfortable in my body – I saw myself trying to revert back to “cutting calories and counting macros.”

This did NOT feel good, but I also didn’t feel “at home” in my body with the changes I was struggling with.

Choosing to focus on blood sugar balance (finding a protein/fat/carb ratio that works for my unique body at the moment) and choosing to be mindful of dairy has helped me make positive changes from a place of love for my body. 

NOT restriction.

For now, that means eating around 20-30 grams of protein per meal, getting in a solid 2 tbsps of fat and enjoying a side of greens/vegetables and a small portion of complex carbs (aka half of a sweet potato) if my body is craving it.

I know I’m not the only one here who has recently come out of one of the many “hormone shifting seasons” that we go through.

So I wanted to send you a loving reminder that it is ok to re-assess.

It is ok to try something new.

It is ok to make changes to your nutrition from a place of love and not restriction.

I personally have felt a lot better and I am open to shifting again if need be.If you’re looking for some gentle guidance, you can book a discovery call here and let me know how I can support you!

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