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Intuitive Connection To The Body Post Hormonal Birth Control

Do you ever feel frustrated with the lack of education you received around women’s health and hormones?

If you have, you’re definitely not alone.

Many of us are blindly taking advice from our doctors (which I believe, more often than not, is well intended). But are still feeling lost and stuck dealing with unwanted symptoms.

And let’s be real, when it comes to women’s health in general, there is a HUGE education and research gap.

While I appreciate Western Medicine for a multitude of reasons, I also think it is fair to say that it has done women quite a disservice.

The popular approach to “treating” hormonal symptoms historically (and to this day) is hormonal birth control.

And when women “push back” or question this advice, there is hardly a good alternative solution.

So, many decide to trust the recommendation.

In turn, masking their underlying dysfunction and possibly creating even MORE symptoms in the process.

Beginning a vicious cycle of stacking more pharmaceuticals on top of previous ones in an effort to continually “spot treat” symptoms.

It has been said that women (especially teens) have a 23% increase of depression when on hormonal birth control.

And while there is much anecdotal evidence on this (and some studies that have come to this conclusion as well) apparently the research is still mixed.

But I will tell you in my work, I have personally seen hundreds of women begin to feel better (both mentally and physically) after discontinuing birth control.

So while even more research is needed on this – it does have me raising some questions…

Are women beginning to feel better post birth control because they are choosing to be more health conscious? Making make healthy changes beyond their discontinuation of birth control?


But, I also believe that the choice to stop birth control is deeply personal and has a positive snowball effect on women’s lives.

Meaning, that many women begin cultivating an extremely intuitive and strong connection to their body post birth control.

I’ve seen it time and time again they:

  • Begin to understand how their body actually functions.
  • Feel more in control of their body and even more empowered to make educated decisions regarding their menstrual health.
  • Learn to connect to the 4-phases of the cycle. Cultivating a more positive relationship with food, movement, and their mental health.
  • Learn to have open and honest discussions around birth control with their partners, putting the power back in their hands.
  • Most importantly, they are able to HEAR the messages their body is sending them and address them accordingly. Boosting both health and fertility in the long term.

Because this intuitive connection to the body is shut down while on hormonal birth control, it makes sense that positive health changes can occur when women decide to transition off.

Not to mention the hormonal significance of discontinuing hormonal birth control.

Getting to experience the natural 4-phases of your cycle and the beauty (most of the time 😆) of your ever-changing hormones.

Allow me to break it down real quick for ya:

Follicular Phase: Experience the energy, creativity, excitement and social benefits of rising estrogen.

Ovulatory Phase: Enjoy the sexual, fiery, brave, and out-spoken qualities of peaking estrogen.

Luteal Phase: Slow down and feel cool, calm, grounded and relaxed as progesterone levels begin to rise.

Menstrual Phase: Get ready to feel intuitive, deeply spiritual, and protective of your energy while all hormone levels are very low.

In a HEALTHY and properly functioning menstrual cycle…we should experience the ebb and flow of these lovely hormonal benefits.

But unfortunately, we all know a well-balanced and properly functioning cycle isn’t always the reality. 

Which brings me back to my original point of this blog post.

Instead of addressing the underlying symptoms and causes of hormonal dysfunction, we are more often than not, told to shut them down with birth control.

And so many women don’t know what they don’t know – you feel me?

So they take birth control as their “solution” until they begin experiencing even more symptoms and question whether there may be a different way.

Now, I want to preface all of this by saying…

There is totally a time and place for hormonal birth control.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to “get to the root” of what is going on. You need a quick fix so you can go about your very busy life.


There are also times when menstrual symptoms are so severe (like in the case of severe endometriosis for example) that you just need respite from the pain – and fast.

I would never shame anyone for choosing birth control to control disruptive symptoms and make their life easier. You must do what’s best for YOU.

And in the case of using birth control for its intended purpose (avoiding pregnancy) everyone has different seasons in their life where the Fertility Awareness Method (aka natural birth control) just isn’t a good fit.

So while I completely understand the need for birth control, I still find it incredibly important that women realize they have options.

My hope is for women to feel better educated around the effects of hormonal birth control (both positive and negative) so they can decide how they wish to manage their body from an informed place.

Actually, this part of my discussion with Maddie Miles, on the podcast this week.

Maddie struggled with health issue after health issue until she finally decided to try a new way of healing. You can tune-into the episode here!
If this blog resonated with you and you’re looking for support, feel free to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call here.

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