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How to Be 99% Successful with Natural Birth Control

If you’re wanting to transition from hormonal birth control to a hormone-free and side-effect free method, I’ve got you!

These are my top 5 tips to achieving 99% natural birth control accuracy with the Fertility Awareness Method…

1. Have a strong understanding of cervical mucus. I always say that cervical mucus clarity = birth control clarity. Most women who make mistakes with fertility awareness method are not applying the “rules” of interpreting their CM clues correctly! This gives FAM a bad reputation. It’s not that the method failed you! You may have been confused on what you were experiencing and that’s why learning a method correctly can be so helpful.

2. Chart your biomarkers EVERY DAY. Do not “guess” or try to remember. If you’re trained in sympto-thermal and/or the FEMM method (What I teach!) that means charting your cervical mucus every day, taking LH tests when needed, and tracking your basal body temperature. Now, if you’re working with an instructor, I have some work arounds for not needing to track your temp every day … but it’s best to work with someone on that. As far as charting methods goes, I recommend the Read Your Body App for comprehensive documentation.

3. Be clear about your “intention level” with your partner. How “risky” do you plan to be during the pre-ovulatory phase? And during your fertile window? Open communication is key to success. Each of my clients is asked to review an intention scale document and share with me where they fall. This helps me make the most accurate decision on safe sex days for them!

4. Understand how to correctly confirm ovulation has passed with your chosen fertility awareness based method. Then you’ll feel confident you’re in the “safe zone!” Each method has small tweaks in how they confirm successful ovulation. For me, I teach my clients how to interpret 3 high temps, changing CM pattern, and we use a peak day and LH count!

5. Take a course (or work privately) with a certified instructor. I’ve gotta share it, my friends! Because it really does make a difference.We are trained to teach you the SAFEST way to achieve your contraception goals. If you have questions or doubts, your instructor is right there to help ease your mind. It really does contribute to the 99% accuracy rate of the method!

You can learn more about my course and 6-month membership here! 🙂

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