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Fertility Awareness Method Helps You Track Healthy Progesterone Levels

There are so many reasons why I love Fertility Awareness Method.

If you’re considering a natural form of birth control, or you’re trying to optimize your chances of conception, FAM is literally the queen bee.

But did you know that Fertility Awareness Method can give you insight into your overall hormone balance and cycle health?

This is one of the main reasons why I find FAM education to be so powerful.

You have the ability to understand hormone signals your body is trying to send you ever single month.

And while I do believe in hormone testing and functional medicine, it can get incredibly expensive.

Why not save yourself thousands of dollars by learning how to accurately interpret your fertility awareness method charts and hormones before spending tons of money on testing?!

One of the most important hormone levels you can track with Fertility Awareness Method is progesterone.

Women everywhere are asking the same question… am I producing enough progesterone?!

Optimal progesterone levels are essential for:

  • Reducing PMS symptoms
  • Balancing the effects of estrogen dominance
  • Reducing breast tenderness, bloating, acne, and migraines
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Reducing cramps and pre-menstrual spotting
  • Sustaining a health pregnancy

So how does tracking your cycle with Fertility Awareness Method help you determine that you have sufficient progesterone levels?

Fertility Awareness Method 1.jpg Fertility Awareness Method 3.jpg. Fertility Awareness Method 2.jpg

Assessing Progesterone Levels With Fertility Awareness Method:

1. Charting with FAM helps you confirm healthy ovulation.

Without ovulating, you cannot produce progesterone. If you’re charting and you notice a lack of ovulation or very long cycles – this is a huge clue you can begin addressing.

2. You will be tracking your luteal phase length with FAM.

The luteal phase is the phase right after ovulation and right before your period. This is when your body produces progesterone. A healthy luteal phase is between 10-18 days. If you’re having a short luteal phase, you most likely are not producing enough progesterone.

3. Tracking your basal body temperature with with FAM allows you to determine your post-ovulatory temps are high enough.

Progesterone is heat producing, so seeing temps above 98 degrees is a pretty good indicator that you’re producing a good amount of progesterone. If your temps are hovering around your coverline (I teach this in my online Fertility Awareness Method Classes!) or you’re consistently below 98 degrees you may have low progesterone levels.

4. Tracking with FAM allows you to determine the best days for additional progesterone testing.

I personally use Proov Testing with myself and my clients. It is an easy an inexpensive way to test your levels yourself! Testing your progesterone levels on days 7-10 AFTER ovulation (or after a positive LH test) is when progesterone should be highest in the cycle.

Understanding your personal hormone balance is just one of the many perks of the Fertility Awareness Method.

If you’re struggling with signs of low progesterone – I highly encourage you to begin charting.

If you’re looking for additional support, you can check out my online Fertility Awareness Method course and 6-month membership here!

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