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Why I Recommend the Tempdrop Wearable Thermometer for Fertility Awareness Method

When you are just beginning your Fertility Awareness Method journey, choosing the right technology and FAM resources is really important.

One of the top questions I get from new clients is…

“What type of basal body thermometer should I purchase?”

In this past article, I talked about the differences between oral and wearable thermometers.  But today, I want to focus more specifically on why I like recommending Tempdrop for new charters.

For starters, Tempdrop is a wearable thermometer that tracks your most accurate resting temperature overnight.

Tempdrop’s personalized algorithm is specifically designed with Fertility Awareness in mind, meaning the device is going to give you the most accurate reading while also factoring out any sleep disturbances.

This is one of the main reasons why I love Tempdrop for new charters because it takes away a lot of the “user error” when getting started with tracking your temperature.

With a standard oral basal body thermometer, you are required to take your temperature around the same time every day every morning. Your temperature can also be affected by disrupted sleep, illness, alcohol, etc. 

With the Tempdrop wearable thermometer, you can rest easy (*pun intended*) that the device is going to factor out any of those disruptions! 

It also is an incredible option for new moms, or shift workers who are on a wacky sleep schedule.

With Tempdrop, you simply put the device on your arm before you go to bed each night, and sync it to your app the next morning (whatever time you wake up!).

Simple as that.

It also syncs with my favorite Fertility Awareness Method App: Read Your Body.

And because I get so many questions about Tempdrop… I am SO excited to share that I recorded a podcast episode with their User Experience Representative, Mel Angus!

In this episode, we specifically chat about…

  • The inspiration behind Tempdrop
  • How to use it
  • What makes Tempdrop different?
  • Its algorithm and other uses
  • Helping to conceive 
  • Not all thermometers are the same
  • Hormone health and our charts 
  • Tracking metabolic health
  • Defining basal body temperature (BBT)
  • How to wear it correctly and comfortably 

PS: if you’re really enjoying the idea of Tempdrop wearable thermometers, you can use my code: NINA12 to get 12% off your order.

PPS: if you’re trying to decide between Tempdrop and another wearable thermometer, check out my blog post about Natural Cycles + the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch here!

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