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My Birth Control Philosophy

Have you ever felt judged because of your personal birth control choices?

Whether it was a friend or family member making judgements regarding your choice to pursue Fertility Awareness Method…

or an OBGYN who was unsupportive of your choice to stop your hormonal contraception…

It can feel like hard to make the right choice for you when everyone has an opinion on your body.

You may have even felt judgement on the opposing side of the argument where you felt guilty for taking the birth control pill even when it felt right for you and your goals!

Either way – I want you to know that you should NEVER feel judged regarding your choice of contraception. Ever.

Women have come way too far in taking ownership and freedom over their bodies for us to be targeting and judging each other over our contraceptive choices.

This debate was highlighted for me this weekend when an internet “troll” commented on a statement I shared on this VERY heated National Geographic post regarding hormonal birth control.

You can read their comment and my response below:

I was appalled by this person’s comments and judgements about me, especially as their profile said they were a “women’s rights activist.”

So I wanted to take a moment to share my birth control philosophy with you so you know what I stand for 

I want you to know that I support you making whatever birth control choices are best for YOUR body. Period.

I strongly believe that women have the right to be fully educated on all of their options so they can make an informed decision on what works best for their current goals, lifestyle, + health.

My certifications + expertise are in teaching women to use the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) as natural birth control.

I teach you the science of the body and how to fully understand your hormonal cycle so that you can open and close your fertile window with accuracy.

That isn’t to mistake the fact that I am also in full support of someone who chooses hormonal contraceptives as their chosen birth control method.

FAM is not for everyone!

It takes a level of commitment to chart your fertility biomarkers (cervical mucus, luteinizing hormone, + basal body temps) on a regular basis, and these are all things I teach you inside my FAM membership program, LUNA.

Because of this, I understand that there is a time and place for hormonal contraceptives, and they have provided women with so much freedom to live a life that works best for them.

But, there also many women who do not feel their best on HBC. Or perhaps they are in a season of their lives it doesn’t feel in alignment with them anymore.

Cue… Fertility Awareness Method.

A hormone-free and side-effect free way to avoid pregnancy naturally.

So if you’re here in my community and you’re ready to take the leap into learning FAM for natural birth control, I’ve got you.

To get started, you can save your spot for my FREE FAM training ​below!



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