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Your Circadian Rhythm + Avoiding Jet Lag | with Mickey Beyer-Clausen

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Did you know traveling across time zones can throw off your hormones and menstrual cycle? I personally experienced this coming home from Singapore, which is why I’m thrilled to share today’s conversation with you!

Mickey Beyer-Clausen is the cofounder and CEO of the jet lag app, Timeshifter. Based on neuroscience, it helps travelers quickly adapt to new time zones and easily recover from jet lag. In our conversation, Mickey explains how our circadian rhythm (aka biological clock) has huge power over our lives. He details how the app creates a personalized plan for you, like when to avoid and expose yourself to light. We talk about the hormone melatonin, and how the app instructs when to supplement with it, and the right dosage. For all my traveling babes out there, this tool will help you feel better physically and mentally!

We Chat About:

  • How Mickey entered this field of work

  • Mickey’s app to help address fear of flying

  • Difference between early birds and night owls

  • Avoiding up-close screens at night

  • Health implications of jet lag


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