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Syncing Your Life to Your Cycle | with Alyx Coble-Frakes

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Are you looking to supercharge your productivity and live according to your menstrual cycle? Then today’s episode is for you! I’m chatting with the cofounder of The Agenda., Alyx Coble-Frakes. The Agenda. is a tool designed to help you plan your schedule and business tasks around the four phases of your cycle. Based on hormonal changes during each phase, there are ideal times to do specific business building activities. Alyx explores each phase, and gives examples like starting new projects, networking, asking for a raise, analyzing, and writing copy. We also talk about focusing on the benefits of each phase, adding in self-care practices during certain times, and how to advocate for yourself in the workplace.

I highly encourage you to checkout The Agenda. and begin syncing your life to your cycle!

We Chat About:

  • Why Alyx decided to create The Agenda.

  • Lack of education around the menstrual cycle

  • Engaging in period-positive conversations

  • The best phase for slowing down

  • Using the moon to sync your cycle


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Learn about the 4 phases of the cycle and how to support your natural hormones throughout each one.

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