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Prenatal Nutrition + Real Food for Pregnancy | with Lily Nichols

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Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, researcher, and author with a passion for evidence-based prenatal nutrition. Lily’s second book, Real Food for Pregnancy, is an evidence-based look at the gap between conventional prenatal nutrition guidelines and what’s optimal for mother and baby — and the most comprehensive text on prenatal nutrition to date!!

Today, we chat about the ins and outs of prenatal nutrition, how you can prep your body to boost your fertility, how to make sure you’re giving your future baby all of the nutrients it needs, and how to take care of your body both during pregnancy and postpartum. And even if you’re not planning on pregnancy right now or never want to become a mother, I think every woman can benefit from hearing what Lily has to say because this information is so important for overall hormonal health and hormonal balance!

We Chat About:

  • The gap between official guidelines and the things that are actually most effective for your health

  • Why it’s important to start prepping your body for a baby, even if you’re not trying to conceive right away

  • How epigenetics can influence your pregnancy and your baby

  • Are prenatal vitamins a myth? (spoiler: no)

  • Liver is such a valuable source for nutrition… but you have a lot of options if you don’t want to eat it straight up!

  • The important nutrients that so many women are deficient in

  • How and why some nutrients are more bioavailable in certain forms of food

  • Minimizing nausea in pregnancy, to the extent that you can

  • Giving yourself grace

  • I have some QUESTIONS about dairy!

  • Toxin exposure worldwide

  • Why you should avoid both microwaving and eating out of plastic

  • Ditching non-stick cookware


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