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Clearly Better: Treating Your Acne from the Inside + Outside | with Erin Blair

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Erin Blair, the person behind Clearly Better Skin, is a Licensed Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist, and Integrative Nutrition Coach with 15 years of experience helping her clients heal their acne naturally and holistically.

I could not wait to have this conversation because acne — and hormonal acne, in particular — is something I’ve really struggled with since I was a teenager!

Not only does Erin teach us some of the best things to eat (and not eat) and lifestyle tools that can help reduce acne, she also goes over why the typical advice given by your dermatologist might not help your acne and what topical products are both safe and effective. She is just so knowledgeable on this subject and I know you will learn as much as I did!

We Chat About:

  • The problem with Western medicine when it comes to acne treatment

  • What you need to know about dairy and acne

  • The foods that Erin suggests everyone avoid when it comes to acne

  • Paying attention to how your body feels after consuming foods and supplements

  • What you need to know before you put those oils on your skin!

  • Why it’s important that skin is a two-sided organ

  • Creating her own skincare products

  • What it’s like to work with Erin

I also want to introduce you all to our first sponsor! I am only choosing to work with sponsors that I align with, companies that are specifically tailored towards womens’ health and hormones, using only products that are natural, holistic, and non-GMO.

So, when I saw Naturelle Company, I knew it was something I had to share with all of you! I’m really impressed with their values and the women who own the company — and you know I love a woman-owned company. And I really want to bring to your attention a wonderful supplement called PMS Hormonal Therapy. It targets premenstrual symptoms, helps restore hormone balance, and promotes optimal wellness, made with all-natural ingredients that promote the proper ratio of progesterone to estrogen.

You can use the code “nina15” to get 15% off your order at naturellecompany.com!


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